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Friday 6th October | Comments are off for this post


Maths: Long Division. Due Friday 13th October.

Spelling: Adding suffixes to -fer words. Test on Friday 13th October.


Adding Vowel Suffixes to Words Ending in -fer PPT

We have had another wonderful week in 6S that  began with the final group of children successfully completing their Level 2 in Bikeability.

In literacy this week, children have written and edited sets of instructions on how to survive on a desert island. After identifying the key features of a set of instructions (chronological order, imperative verbs, time adverbs, numbered/bullet points) the children were challenged to remember the different grammar points they have learnt this year which they would need to include as well: modal verbs, expanded noun phrases, sub-ordinating conjunctions (see previous blogs for more details!). The children then wrote a set of instructions setting out how to survive on a desert island.

In maths this week, children have looked at the formal method of long division with one divisor and then with two. I was really impressed with the children’s determination and perseverance in regards to this potentially tricky method. I hope the videos below help with the calculation homework that has been sent out this week.

In RE, children have begun to learn more about the Sikh religion. This week, the children looked at The Mool Mantar which is the first hymn composed by Guru Nanak. It is a statement of the core beliefs about God for Sikhs. After this, children wrote a basic statement of their own beliefs that weren’t necessarily about God but could have been about the world, themselves, their family and their hopes.

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