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Water Aid



Water is one of the world’s most precious resources. We live in a part of the world where rain is plentiful and we have the infrastructure to capture, clean, deliver and recycle water to people’s homes. In some part of the world, water is a scarce resource. Millions of people do not have water piped straight into their homes. Some people may share a water well, while others may have to walk for miles to collect clean water for drinking and cooking.

Without water crops cannot grow – this can lead to starvation or a reliance on other countries who provide food through charity and aid.  Drinking dirty water leads to disease while being unable to flush away waste can create a breeding ground for bacteria and disease.

Water Aid is a charity who recognise that water is a precious and valuable resource. They work hard to provide people around the world with safe, clean water as well as teaching people about hygiene and sanitation.

Our topic next half term will investigate how our use of water is different to people in developing parts of the world. Spend some time looking at the Water Aid website. Visit the ‘Learn zone’ and have a go at playing some of the Wateraid games.

Make sure you leave a comment on this page when you have visited the website – tell us what you have discovered and how it has made you think about your own water usage.

Click here to visit the Water Aid website

 Mr Wilkinson

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