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World War One, Fractions and Y2 Reading Buddies

Friday 15th November | Comments are off for this post

We’ve had a fantastic start to the new half term in 6S. The children have been really excited to learn about our new topic, The First World War, and have impressed me with their knowledge so far.

We began this topic by thinking about the causes of the war, working in groups to make timelines for each of the main countries that were involved and then comparing them. This involved teamwork, careful measuring and some maths to work out how long the timelines needed to be! The children were surprised by the number of contributing factors and they thought really carefully about the significance of each event on the timeline.

In English we have been reading a range of war poetry and writing our own letters and poems inspired by what we have read. The children have chosen some wonderful language to use and have really been able to create powerful, emotive images in their writing.

Here is a poem written by Joey:

In maths we have been using lots of practical resources to explore fractions. Today the children were asked to use Cuisenaire rods to make a person, and were then challenged to make another person exactly half the size of the first. This led to some great discussions about which rods we couldn’t find exactly half of and to lots of observations about the relationships between different coloured rods. I am confident that the children will be able to use this understanding when working on more abstract problems next week.

A proud moment for me today was taking 6S over to 2LA where we paired up as reading buddies. The children were all very enthusiastic, supportive partners to the Year 2 children and both classes got a lot out of the experience. We hope to find other opportunities to pair up and share our learning throughout the year.

Well done everyone for such a great start to the term.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Sykes

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