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Where did Spring 1 go?

Friday 9th February | 1 comment

Another week done and another half term down; where is this year going?


Children to practise words from the Year 5 and 6 Spelling List. This list is in the children’s planners and children have indicated in some way the words that they still need to spell. To be working at the expected standard in writing in Year 6, children should be able to spell most of these words; we have decided that around 75% of the words equates as most. There will be a Year 6 Spelling Bee in March based on these words.

Children have also been sent home with maths and English revision and workbooks. Children will need to bring all 4 books with them to school every day as they may be required for lessons in school. Children are reminded that they do not write in the red maths or purple English revision book. They should do their work in the white workbooks.

Poetry Slam: THURSDAY FEBRUARY 22nd – PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE NEW DATE. Children should have a poem at home to practise and learn off by heart.

Maths homework: read pages 2 and 3 from the red revision book; complete pages 6 and 7 from the workbook.

English homework: read page 2 from the purple revision book; complete page 7 from the workbook.

Children should mark their own work with an adult wherever possible. Answers can be found at the back of the workbooks.



In maths this week, children have worked on algebra. This has involved satisfying equations:

2a + b = 12. a = ?? b = ??

Children have also identified patterns in sequences and worked out an algebraic expression to find the nth term. They were asked to solve the following problem:

A sequence starts with 5, 8, 11. What is happening in the sequence? What number would be next? What would be 100th in the sequence?

Children worked to find the expression n = 3n + 2 (3 x 1 + 2 = 5, 3 x 2 + 2 = 8, 3 x 3 +2 = 11) and then discovered the 100th term would be 302.

In literacy this week, children have completed their biographies and 500 word stories. Children have been working against their writing targets as well as against the expectations for the end of Year 6 which can be found here.

Please have a restful week off. We hope you enjoy a well deserved holiday!

One response to “Where did Spring 1 go?”

  1. evie m says:

    I have done the homework of the maths and English. Every day i revise in each book and I work on paper to do the practice tests after each revision bit.

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