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Wednesday 13th May

Wednesday 13th May | 2 comments

Good morning Year 6,

Well done for all your hard work so far this week.

You’ve been recapping your work on fractions and thinking about different ways to compare two fractions. The children on Google Meet today all said they preferred to find a common denominator when comparing two fractions. To solve one question from today’s work, Joel found a common numerator and Harry used a bar model. Could you use the common denominator method to solve this question? Which method would be most efficient?

You have also been using personification to write descriptions – I really enjoyed reading this work!

I stood there watching the dust cover the land like a blanket. The wind groaned as the people of the village hid away. The houses stood still waiting to be covered in dust and sand. The trees flung side to side dancing in rhythm with the wind. Clouds and sky were nowhere to be seen. The wind was throwing plastic bags around and pushing over the bins. The fragile plants carefully balanced in the strong and angry wind. (Sophie)

Cascading through the Australian plains, the dust storm released its anger on anything that touched it. The unwavering echo of the storm’s evil laugh was heard for miles. The trees moaned and screamed under the immense pressure of one thousand tonnes of rock and sand hitting them. (Sam)

The huge dust storm came tumbling in like an angry giant. As she filmed, the angry giant came nearer and nearer her nervous limbs were restraining themselves from running away. The storm ate up all of the village as its dinner. She felt the gritty dust running across her shaking arms. (Betsy)

The dust crawls across the land. Dust and sand particles dance around in the air. The sun smiles through the dust. (Lewis)

The dust swallowed everything in its path like a ravenous wild crocodile. The sound of the dust jumped around the man’s ears as he anxiously filmed the massive wall of dust. As the strong winds swept across the dry lands the wind bullied the trees. (Zahrah)

The dust storm stomped other buildings and strangled the crops. It swallowed the land and anything in its way until it stormed off. (Harry)

And here are some extracts from your excellent work about a famous figure from history. I was really impressed by the detailed research you did and the effort you put into presenting your information. We had a wonderful variety of people chosen too – well done!

You also did completed a coding challenge!

Great work Wyatt!
Not quite the task that was assigned, but great work anyway, Finn!

Here are details of your tasks for the next two days:

Today’s tasks:

  • English – Debating Lesson 1
  • Maths – Add and Subtract Fractions
  • Geography – Latitude and Longitude

Tomorrow’s tasks:

  • English – Debating Lesson 2
  • Maths – Mixed Addition and Subtraction
  • Art – Draw with Rob
  • Google Meet – 12pm – help with maths (or any other work you would like help with)

Keep up the great work, everyone, and enjoy these rainbows from Sally 🙂

Mrs Sykes

2 responses to “Wednesday 13th May”

  1. mrsnsykes says:

    Hi Kate, glad Finn enjoyed seeing his work showcased! The history task can be found in the Year 6 Topic classroom. It is called History – Famous People 🙂

  2. Kate Park says:

    Hi, Finn is really pleased to see his coding on the blog. Sorry but we can not find the history work as seen above, can you point us in the right direction. Thanks Kate

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