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Translations (ce n’est pas ce que tu penses) and War Horse

Friday 7th December | Comments are off for this post

Another lovely week in 6S: I have been particularly impressed with the children’s focus and determination this week. Well done!

HOMEWORK: due Friday 14th December

Maths: Reflecting shapes across mirror lines

Reading: Complete the reading comprehension

In maths this week, we have completed work on coordinates. Children have learnt about the x and y axis and moved on from working with one quadrant to working with four quadrants. Children demonstrated a strong understanding of the four quadrants before we moved on to translating (moving) shapes across the quadrants and reflecting shapes in the x and y axis. Children’s homework allows them to develop them skills on drawing shapes reflected in a mirror line.

In literacy this week, children have recapped their knowledge of the expanded noun phrase and its contents:

  • determiner (a pointer word such as a, an, the, this, these)
  • adjectives (words or phrases that add description)
  • noun (a person, place or thing)
  • prepositional phrase (tells the reader where)
  • relative clause (provides more detail using a relative pronoun – with, that, which, who)

Using the story of War Horse as inspiration, the children used expanded noun phrases as well as colons, semi-colons and dashes and conjunctions to write a character description of Joey, the red-bay horse featured in Michael Morpurgo’s novel. Next week, children will be recapping their understanding of speech and dialogue.

Mrs Hoyle has written a separate blog about Science; the children have begun recapping electricity this week.

In PSHE, children learnt about the drug-risk triangle and considered how dangerous different drugs (such as alcohol, cannabis, tobacco) could be in different situations dependent on the people and activities involved.

In History, children completed work on Battles at Sea before looking at the fighting in the air. Children have been especially inspired by the fact that the school used to be an airfield. Over the coming weeks, we shall look at how Farsley and its people were affected by the First World War.

You may have heard your child talking about something called Google Classroom. An online resource, Google Classroom allows children to access resources (videos, images and other websites) to help them complete their learning activities. This work can be accessed at home and comments can be added to the ‘stream’ page. Please take care with punctuation: incorrectly punctuated posts will be removed!

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