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This week in 6S

Friday 11th October | Comments are off for this post

In 6S this week we have been thinking about factors and prime numbers. The children have found factor bugs a really helpful way to find all the factor pairs of a given number. They have enjoyed challenging themselves to find numbers with a large number of factors (Kobi even tried to draw a factor bug for 1,200,000!) and adding their findings to our working wall.

We have also been comparing different approaches to solving reasoning problems and working on explaining how we know the answer. Here are three children’s methods for solving the same problem:

In English, we have written explanation texts about how volcanoes are formed. This is a challenging text-type to write, but the children have worked hard and made the most of editing time to make improvements to their work.

Mould News!

We were very excited to find our first bits of mould on some of our pieces of bread this week. Table 3 so far seem to have grown the most mould on their piece of bread that was moist and kept in a dark location; however, nobody could rival Riley’s apple, which was left in his lunchbox all week and grew some very impressive mould!


Maths homework is on factors and is due on Wednesday 16th October.

Spelling homework is to complete the prefixes assignment on Spelling Shed. This should be completed by next Friday.

Thank you and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Sykes

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