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The mould was grown by 6S.

Friday 4th October | Comments are off for this post

This week 6S have been busy setting up an investigation to find out how they can speed up the process of making a piece of bread go mouldy. Each group chose one variable to test, for example the amount of light, amount of warmth, amount of moisture or the topping on the bread. We now have pieces of bread all around the classroom and are eagerly awaiting the first mould spores to appear!

We also had fun learning about the active and passive voice and writing sentences using pictures as stimuli. Have a look at some of our sentences here (and try to spot a couple of marvellous mistakes!).

In maths we have been practising methods for division, including challenging ourselves to use the long division method. Although at first everyone thought this method looked very confusing, with a bit of perseverance many children are now finding this a really helpful method. We will continue to practise next week, so don’t worry if you don’t feel confident yet.


Maths homework this week is on division. The problems can be solved using short or long division (or any other informal methods). This is due on Wednesday 9th October.

Learning log homework is to research Edward Jenner. This is due on Wednesday 16th October.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

Mrs Sykes

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