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The First Practice and Meeting Kensuke

Friday 5th October | Comments are off for this post


MATHS: Some consolidation work around calculating intervals across zero. Due in Friday 12th October.

READING: Either an extract from Treasure Island or a non-fiction reading activity on garden birds. Due in Friday 12th October.

This week, the children have completed their first set of practice SATs. The children have completed a Maths SAT (made up of 3 papers), Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (made up of a grammar paper and a spelling test) and a Reading SAT (just one paper but three different texts). The purpose of completing practice SATs is to allow children to become familiar with the different types of questions that will be asked of them as well as getting used to working quickly to a set time. The children will be kept updated with their scores across the course of the year and this is something that will be shared with parents in upcoming parents meetings. Each paper (apart from reading) was marked with the children

We have continued with Times Table Rockstars. Please encourage your child to keep practising; the children who know their times tables are clearly those who are practising the most. 10 minutes a night is absolutely fine and login information is written into each child’s planner.

This week in reading, children have read Chapter 5 and have finally met the mysterious Kensuke. Children used the text to create posters of Kensuke where they listed vocabulary used to describe Kensuke and predicted what Kensuke’s life may have been like up to this point.

In RE, children have looked at the importance of the Guru Granth Sahib (the Sikh holy book) and in music, children have continued to learn the song I’ll Be There. Children have impressed with their compositions so far; next week, they will use formal notation to write their compositions. Look out for these being shared!

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