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The blood was pumped by the heart (and other learning from 6S this week)

Friday 19th March | Comments are off for this post


In English this week we have been learning about the active and passive voice. The children got the hang of this quickly, asking great questions and making some marvellous mistakes which helped us to gain a deeper understanding of how the passive voice works. I was very impressed as I watched the imaginative sentences being written (by bananas).

When it's OK to Use Passive Voice — and When it's Not Spin Sucks


In Science, we found out more about the circulatory system. We acted out the journey of the blood around the body, showing how the blood cells go from the heart to the lungs (to collect oxygen and drop off carbon dioxide) and then back to the heart so they can be pumped around the body. We then made our own diagrams to show what we had learned.


The children have enjoyed their P.E lessons for the last two weeks. We have been doing an hour of SAQs and basketball, followed by an hour with a football coach. This week was especially enjoyable: the sun was shining and the children all put in 100% effort and were suitably exhausted at the end!


In maths, we have been finding the area of triangles and parallelograms. Can you remember the different formulae we have been using?

Area of Triangles (solutions, examples, videos, worksheets, activities)
Python Math: Calculate the area of a parallelogram - w3resource


  • Maths SATs workbook p60 and p61 (area and perimeter)
  • English SATs workbook p.35 (passive voice)
  • Spellings on Spelling Shed
  • All homework is due on Wednesday 24th March. The children can mark their work using the answers at the back of the SATs books.

Special Mention

Special Mentions this week went to Charlie and Lucy – well done!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Sykes

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