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The Big Budget Project and more!

Friday 15th June | Comments are off for this post


Learn lines for the production. By the end of next week, we would like all children to know all of their lines.

We would also like each child to send in a photograph from their first few weeks at Farsley Farfield Primary School. This can be done either via email or the original photo could be brought in to be scanned by school and then returned.

Thank you.

Another week in Year 6 has finished but what could they possibly be upto?

In maths, the children have completed another week of The Big Budget Project. So far, the children have randomly chosen a job and worked out their income tax, national insurance contributions and pension contribution. From this, the children worked out their monthly take-home pay. With their monthly take-home pay, the children are in the midst of budgeting for rent, food, water, gas, electric, internet, phone, TV (including TV license, of course), council tax, home insurance, car, fuel, car insurance – the list is seemingly endless!

Once children have budgeted for all this, they will start thinking about one-off purchases: the latest games console,  holidays, trips out, sports tickets. The children will also be given scenarios: birthdays, Christmas, a broken-down car (potentially likely with the amount of black Minis that were chosen that had done over 130,000 miles…) and the such like. There could even be a boiler breakdown – perhaps the plumber in the class could fix it!

In history, the children have begun a study into the Roman period. The children were given artefacts and asked what they were, what use they might have and who might own them. Over the coming weeks, the children will learn more about Roman life and the impact it has had on life today.

In literacy, the children have written a first draft of a story. It has been lovely to read them; it feels like a long time since we last did story-writing in Year 6 (February, I believe) and the children have really wowed me with their imagination and creativity. Today (and continuing next week), the children will ensure they have included all the technical aspects required in Year 6 into their writing: parenthesis, colons, semi-colons, hyphens, dashes…



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