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Snow, snow, glorious snow!

Friday 2nd March | 2 comments

Homework due Friday 9th March
Maths homework: Red book p66, 67. White book p56, 57
English homework: Purple book p40, 41. White book p47, 48.

Spelling Bee: children will have been sent home with instructions for the Year 6 Spelling Bee competition which is due to take place after the Easter holidays. Please continue to learn the Year 5/6 spelling list words.

What a week at Farsley Farfield!

We really should be very proud of our continued commitment to enjoying our fantastic grounds whatever the weather. I had the absolute pleasure of leading a game of Capture the Flag in the snow on Wednesday afternoon. All of the children participating in the game did so excellently and it was one of the best games I have ever seen – we shall definitely be playing that again! Thank you too all the children and families in 6S for your effort this week.

In maths, the children completed work converting miles into kilometres. The children thought about when this might be an issue and then used the formula of 5 miles = approximately 8km to solve various problems including the following:

Raj cycles 45 miles over the course of 3 days.

On day 1, he cycles 16 km.

On day 2, he cycles 10 miles further than he did on day 1.

How far does he cycle on day 3? Give the answer in miles and kilometres. Answers in the comments below!

In literacy, children have used their persuasive and discussion writing skills to debate whether Farsley should be proud of Samuel Marsden. Children have made good use of their writing targets to ensure that they are making good progress. There has been some misuse of commas in some Year 6 writing recently. Homework this week should make it clear to children when to use a comma.

In PSHE, children have begun their learning around drugs. John, a policeman from Pocklington, spoke to Year 6 about the possible dangers and risks of taking drugs (legal or illegal) and explained the law’s views on certain drugs too. Children were engaged during the talk and asked questions to further their understanding of an important subject.

2 responses to “Snow, snow, glorious snow!”

  1. Nadine Armitage says:

    I would like to see you all having a game of ‘capture the flag’ as I have not seen or heard of this game…. its sounds fun!!
    Well done to all of you who braved the Beast from the East and made it to school……Keep up the good work and keep happy 6S ⛄❄✔

  2. Jo says:

    Georgia really enjoyed Capture the flag in the snow!

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