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Percentages, Biographies and Samuel Marsden

Friday 8th February | 1 comment

Another lovely week!


A small percentage of children are becoming quite forgetful in regards to returning homework and planners on time. Some children have spent their Dojo Time completing homework which should have been done at home.

Maths: Read Red p56, 57. Do White p46

English: Read Purple p3. Do White p8, 9.

Children should continue to access Times Tables Rockstars, Mathletics and Spelling Shed as well as enjoying reading. Children are encouraged to take a little-and-often approach to this: 5 minutes a night of each of these activities is more than ample.

In maths, children have continued to work on percentages. They have used their understanding to find percentages of numbers. Children have found finding 10% (by dividing by 10) very helpful. Earlier in the week, children solved problems such as 14% of _____ = 21, 89% of _____ = 178 and 64% of _____ = 192.  Today, children completed problems such as the ones below:

Answers in the comments below!

In literacy, children have used their timelines to write biographies. Children have used a range of cohesive devices (time adverbs, conjunctions and synonyms) to ensure their writing has flow. Children have also been challenged to write complex sentences and sentences which begin with a sub-ordinating conjunction: because, although, as, despite etc… Children will spend time next week editing their biographies. We will share completed ones written with parents – I am sure you will find them all very special!

Today, children have worn red to raise awareness (and money) for the Leeds Children’s Heart Surgery fund. As well as this, children completed a sentence to write on a heart detailing something they loved:

Because they are all very friendly and cute, I love all four of my animals – who couldn’t love our furry friends?

As it lets me be in my own world, I love playing netball – it is the best!

I love chocolate: it fills me up and tastes amazing!

One response to “Percentages, Biographies and Samuel Marsden”

  1. Zoe F Briggs says:

    Well done Year 6 it looks like you’ve all been working very hard this week…

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