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More Operations (mathematical ones) and Explanation Texts

Friday 12th October | Comments are off for this post

HOMEWORK – due in on Friday 19th October.

Maths: Calculations and calculations problems – remember BIDMAS!

Spelling: -fer words with suffixes. A spelling test will be administered on Friday 19th October.

In maths this week, children have continued their work on the four operations. The children were introduced to BIDMAS as an acronym to help remember which part of a calculation to do first. Children were then challenged to complete calculations with and without brackets. Later in the week, children were learning how to reason from known facts and make generalisations: I know 4 x 2 = 8 so 4 x 20 must be 80 and 4 x 0.2 must equal 0.8, for example. I was especially impressed that most children were able to solve the following problem:

Explain how you can use the number fact 5, 542 divided by 17 = 326 to find the answer to 18 x 326.

Instead of doing a long multiplication for the latter calculation, children knew the inverse of the first calculation and then simply added 326. Children have also done some work on multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

In literacy, children have completed comprehension questions on Chapter 6 from Kensuke’s Kingdom using their retrieval and inference skills to do so. Children have also identified subordinating and coordinating conjunctions using the acronyms A WHITE BUS and FANBOYS to help distinguish between the different types. Children have also identified the key features of explanation texts in preparation for some writing about earthquakes next week.

In PSHE, children started thinking about what it means to stay out later. The lesson was particularly interesting as the children were taken through a hypothetical situation of walking past a group of strangers whilst on your own: lots of the children imagined the group of strangers to be extremely similar and there were often negative descriptions of the group. We discussed the word stereotyping and in further sessions, we shall talk more about keeping safe when out and about.

In science, children developed their classification skills and applied them to plants and trees to help design a garden centre. In music, children continued to learn the song I’ll Be There and develop their compositions. Next week, these compositions will become formal scores of music – exciting!


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