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Monday 11th May

Monday 11th May | No comments yet

Good morning 6S,

I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and are ready for the week ahead. Had it not been for lockdown, you would probably all have woken up this morning feeling a bit nervous ahead of SATs week. Instead, we have another week of home learning! Hopefully you are feeling quite pleased that we do not have to complete a week of tests this week, but I know some of you might be feeling disappointed, frustrated or even worried about the cancellation of the tests. I would like to reassure you that there is absolutely no need to worry: you will have plenty of other opportunities over the next few years to demonstrate your knowledge and take exams, and your high schools will be given all the information they need to support you when you start in September. Your parents and I don’t need to see your SATs results to know how brilliant you all are, and you are impressing us so much more by the independence, resilience and creativity you are showing at the moment than you ever could by achieving a scaled score of 100 on a test. So, let’s all enjoy the fact that SATs are cancelled!

We might not be doing SATs, but we do still need to do some work, so here are your tasks for today. Full details are on Google Classroom:

  • English – Using Personification in a Setting Description (BBC Bitesize lesson)
  • Maths – Simplify Fractions
  • Topic – Science – Parts of the Circulatory System (using the sheets from your resource pack)

Tomorrow’s tasks:

  • English – Reading Comprehension
  • Maths – Compare and Order Fractions
  • Topic – ICT – Coding

I will be available on Google Meet at 11:15am on Monday and Tuesday if anyone would like any help with their maths work.

Here are a few more examples of your excellent work from last week.

Art / Nature Challenge:


This is a poem following the structure Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Rhyme, Emotion, Repetition, Alliteration, Personification, Simile. Well done if you managed to follow the structure exactly, but also well done if you applied the techniques to your own structure – rules in poetry are often made to be broken!


I am a tiger, my teeth are swords.

My claws slash the air.

My fur is like a cloud and my roar is really loud.

Look into my eyes, a sea of grey.

I love tigers, I love tigers, I love tigers.

Tame terrible tigers.

my deadly  black striped dance in the wind.

I am majestic, like a bird.


M   The monster is a blazing fire,

O    He snarls at the birds and roars at the squirrels,

R     His teeth as big as the humans beneath,

E     He strikes fear into the heart of anyone he sees,

R     He is pain He is pain he is pain,

A     The monster mauled the Mini kids,

P     He’s the personification of pain,

S     He’s as scary as a thousand of the ugliest witches, riding mouldy broomsticks.

By Harry

The Wood

I was walking through the woods,

I then pulled up my hood.

I was surrounded by trees,

all of them were around me.

Everything extremely dark,

all the trees and all the bark.

The wind was howling,

and the darkness was growling.

The moon was like a light,

but it only shows at the darkest night.

While I was walking walking,

all the crows were squawking squawking.

All of the woods out over there,

That is the home of my nightmare.


The Midnight Unicorn

Her fur was a black as the night,

But her horn was shiny and bright,

Her mane was a think blanket,

No one ever saw her eyes,

Her hooves clashed in the moonlight,

Her neigh echoed in the night,

Some people believed,

And some people didn’t,

Rumors were spread,

That the unicorn was dead,

Nobody had seen her for weeks,

And danger was in the air,

She had protected the city,

Her fighting was pretty,

Some people believed,

And some people didn’t,

The city grew dark,

The unicorn hadn’t left a mark,

They couldn’t fight for themselves,

They relied on the unicorn,

They didn’t know how to fight,

To them it was a terrible fright,

Some people believed,

And some people didn’t,

One night they was a boy,

Sat playing with his toy,

He heard the sound of hooves,

It made him jump to his feet,

Out of the corner of his eye he saw,

Something that made him drop open his jaw,

The midnight unicorn,

Shimmering her glossy horn,

Some people believed,

Some people didn’t

From the day the city was out of danger,

Even from the single stranger,

The city felt alive,

Everyone was happy,

The enemies were gone,

As the unicorns horn shone,

Everybody believed,

And nobody didn’t.

By Sophie

Also well done to everyone who labelled the organs of the body correctly…

Well done Owen!

And to those of you who completed a presentation about a famous historical figure – I will share some of those later in the week.

Looking forward to seeing what you get up to this week!

Best wishes,

Mrs Sykes

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