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Missing Angles and Grammar Revision

Friday 26th April | Comments are off for this post

Welcome back to the 6S Blog! Apologies for the delay in posts – we have had some technical issues logging on but we are back in business now!


Maths: Missing angles sheet.

Spelling Shed: 10 minutes a night – I will be checking!

White Literacy Workbook page 42: Tenses.

In maths, we have been investigating angles all week. Children have completed a range of tasks to develop their knowledge and understanding of angles. They came up with these rules this week:

  • angles on a straight line total 180 degrees
  • angles around a point or circle total 360 degrees
  • vertically opposite angles are the same
  • angles within a triangle total 180 degrees
  • angles within a quadrilateral total 360 degrees

They have used this knowledge to solve the following problems:


Answers in the comments below!

In reading, children have completed work around the different content domains using classic texts such as The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe and Treasure Island as stimulus. I have been extremely impressed with not only children’s attitude to these challenging texts and questions but also their ability to use evidence from the text to support their written answers.

We have also done lots of grammar revision: word classes, conjunctions and parenthesis. Again, children have really impressed with their ability to identify different areas of grammar as well as use them independently within their own writing. A selection of example questions can be found below:

Insert the missing punctuation in the sentence below.

Pupils  may  in  accordance  with  the  uniform  policy  choose  whether  to  wear  a  shirt  or  a  T-shirt.


Which two of these sentences would be clearer with brackets to organise some of the information they contain?


  Tick two.
The great white shark has been known to exceed 6 metres in length.
The two cars a red one and a blue one sped down the road.
Waves from the sea have the power to erode rocks over time.
A country with a mild climate has pleasant temperatures.
Jake a polite young man always holds open the door.


In music, children have continued learning the song Happy. Children began to sing in two parts this week although our backing vocalists need to sing with more gusto! Children also learnt the accompanying instrumental part on glockenspiels. Next week, children will begin to compose their own instrumental parts.

In PSHE, children took part in an autism awareness session. Children learnt about how people who are autistic see the world differently. The children learnt how people who are autistic can have particular talents and be extremely successful whilst also finding some aspects of life difficult such as certain social situations or feeling overwhelmed by too much information. I was really impressed with children’s attitude and questions throughout the session.

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