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Making circuits

Friday 27th November | Comments are off for this post

This week in science we started our electricity topic, which will build on the learning that the children did in Year 4. We started off with a true or false quiz to see what the children had remembered about circuits, and then we put our understanding to the test by constructing circuits using only a battery, a lamp and some tin foil. It took most pairs a while to figure out how to make their bulb light: they had to make sure that each component had two connection points to create a complete circuit. Once we managed to get the bulbs lit, the children tried to find as many different ways of doing it as they could. Everyone then started to get creative, realising that they could use other metal objects, like scissors and headphones to complete their circuit. There was some great scientific thinking going on, but I think we might need to start with a talk on electrical safety next week!


In history we learnt about the role of the British Empire in WW1, particularly focusing on soldiers from India. We looked at lots of different images that were published during the war and tried to decide what the sources told us about the role of Sikh (and other Indian) soldiers and the attitudes of the British people towards them. Here is an example of some of the thoughts we had:

We also found out a bit about Jogendra Sen, the only Indian soldier to serve in the Leeds Pals.


In maths we have been adding and subtracting fractions using our knowledge of equivalent fractions to help us. This is a tricky skill to master but I was so impressed with the children’s determination and the way they helped each other. A lot of children made really excellent progress in these lessons. Here is a video that might help you if you would like some more practice.

Charlie has been really determined to solve this problem:

I wonder if anyone else can have a go at finding a solution?

In Flanders Fields

Well done to all the children who performed In Flanders Fields today, especially those children who had made a really good effort to learn all or part of the poem off by heart.


  • Learning Log: Creative writing inspired by life in the trenches.
  • Maths: Add and subtract fractions.
  • Spelling: Spelling Shed assignment practising Year 5 / 6 words.

Our Extreme Learning score this week was 100% again – well done!!!

Special Mentions today went to Archie and Khushi 🙂

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Sykes

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