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Long Division and Character Description

Friday 21st September | Comments are off for this post


Children have today completed a Year 3/4 spelling test. Spelling homework allows children to practise 10 words from this list they are still working on or 10 words from the Year 5/6 list of their choosing if children can spell all the words from the Year 3/4 list.

Maths homework allows children to develop their division skills. Children will need to use the short division and long division methods they have practised in class this week to correctly answer the questions.

Homework is due in on Friday 28th September. This week everyone completed their homework which is pleasing.

In maths this week, children have been on a journey of division. Starting the week with short division (the ‘bus stop’ method), children recapped their knowledge and used it to solve simple problems. The latter half of the week has been spent perfecting the long division method. The children have worked superbly this week and many seemed to have mastered the method. Lots of children have achieved either the meeting statement (dividing a 4 digit number by a 2 digit number) or the exceeding statement (dividing a 5 digit number by a 2 digit number) and this is especially pleasing. Please find some examples of work below.

In literacy, children developed their use of expanded noun phrases to create a character description of a character from the film Moana. Children also challenged themselves to to include adverbial phrases (providing more information about the verb) and conjunctions to extend their sentences.

In geography, children enjoyed learning about the Earth’s jigsaw or, more widely known as, the tectonic plates. Children were challenged to join the plates up to create a globe and then thought of which countries were more at risk to earthquakes than others.

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