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Home Learning Week One

Sunday 29th March | Comments are off for this post

We’ve had a great first week of home learning from everyone in 6S. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of work that has been submitted and with the effort everyone has been putting in.

Here are a few examples of work from this week.

The Highwayman Newspaper Reports

‘Another World’ Short Story Endings

The thing he held in his frozen hands was a swirling purple orb with a luminous golden centre. The centre glowed brighter and brighter the closer he got to his destination. It was beginning to become warm in his hands. Suddenly, ahead of him, a pentagon shape started glowing. There was a hiss and the ground fell into the abyss. A glowing green light appeared at the bottom; it grew brighter and brighter until it filled the entire hole. The orb started to become magnetised towards the pit; it grew so strong it was retched out of his hands. As soon as it disappeared, the landscape started to change: the snow was replaced with barren earth with rivers of lava running through it. Then shadowy figures appeared from the lava. He did not understand? This was supposed to make him rich. Where was the gold? Where was the silver? There was nothing good here, just rage, resentment and lava. That was when he thought, what have I unleashed? How will this affect the world? While trying to make the world better for me, I ruined it for everyone else. I belong here with the bad things because of what I have done to the world. Adam (with a bit of punctuation added by Mrs Sykes!)

A large hailstone fell from the sky and nearly killed the alone and terrified Jackson. The boy chose to keep to large rocks so that his quest wouldn’t end prematurely by another giant hailstone. Jackson was not usually a wimp and was a slight show off, even if nobody was around him. 

Jackson felt the urge to sprint, maybe he could go home and escape from this snowy place. He ran and ran until a large icy sphere came and struck Jackson on the head. He lay there as still as a rock.

5 years later, a group of eskimos came walking up the route Jackson had taken. They stopped at an icy lump in the middle of the cold, wet ground. The icy lump appeared to have a teenage boy inside. The eskimos got to work picking the most likely dead boy out of his freezing case. They soon worked Jackson free and they stared at him in shock. Was he the lost boy? Was he dead? 

Soon the eskimos arrived at the hospital. Jackson woke up to see his mum who hugged him. Jackson lived a normal life but he now had the fear of loneliness as there was no one to save him when it first happened. Jackson stopped showing off at school and he lived happily ever after. Not! He got into a fight at the age of 16 and had to have an arm amputated. At twenty-eight the man he had beaten him up had stabbed him and had been placed in jail. But after that, all was calm. Until he lost his dog and his wife kicked him out of the house. 

If you ever visit that village please visit the lonely old man with a fear of loneliness, who lives in a small shack. I think you can probably guess this was written by Harry!

As he approached the orb, the warm glow from the sphero gently warmed his chilly hands. Suddenly, as it beamed with brightness and angrily vibrated he instantly knew that something incredible was about to happen. The unnerving hum bellowed and echoed as the sphero travelled its way spinning and twirling through the fierce wind towards it. Jackson started to run over the crisp, slippery and uneven snow, as he grew closer he was overwhelmed by the brightness of the twinkling stars and the oversized moon. He was determined to keep up with the sphero to see where it was going, he struggled to keep his grip and tumbled rolling fastly towards the orb. Jackson woke feeling dizzy and confused, as he looked up he couldn’t believe his eyes, a bright blue lightsabre stood upright in the snow, its light blinding and noise deafening as it spoke, robot like “make your wish, hold me tight and spin 3 times” Jackson held it in a very tight grip with his cold but sweaty palms, make the world safe again, he wished and spun quickly 3 times….. Corday

As he courageously grew nearer to the orb, the object in his hands started to glow a galaxy purple and the humming got more intense. Jackson, feeling on edge, finally reached the mysterious glowing orb. He noticed that at the bottom of the orb there was a hole the same shape as the object glowing the same galaxy purple, in his frozen hands. Nervously he put the inanimate object in that hole and the object started to glow a bright yellow.  The orb sucked it in and opened. Then, Jackson went into it shaking in his shoes, he saw a little moving object that looked like a human but he knew it was not. What could it be? Lewis

Well done also to Erin, Betsy and Sophie, who wrote brilliant stories that are a bit too long for me to post here!


Well done to Zach, who earned a Bronze Mathletics certificate this week, and Maisy, who earned a Gold! Sadly, we won’t be able to get Maisy up on the stage, but perhaps you could nominate some wafters in the comments, Maisy?! Let’s see if more of you can get certificates next week.

Artwork and Other Photos

Thank you to everyone who has managed to send in pictures of your work and other things you have been getting up to! It always brightens up my day seeing all your creative ideas.

Thank you so much to all children and parents for your hard work. I’m looking forward to seeing what next week will bring!

Best wishes,

Mrs Sykes

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