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Friday Showcase!

Friday 15th January | 1 comment

Thank you all for working so hard again this week. It has been brilliant to see so much fantastic work submitted and to have the chance to chat to nearly all of you in Google Meets. The snow has definitely been the most popular topic of conversation this week, but we have also managed to cram in lots of learning too!


This week we gave you the opportunity to showcase your artistic side via Draw with Rob. You have stunned with your skills and have produced some beautiful chameleon drawings. Here are some examples:

Many children also produced some of their own artwork inspired by some of our lessons. I am very impressed!


This week we have continued to focus on our poetry work using Dark Sky Park by Philip Gross. This children thought really carefully about the creature described in the poem ‘The Abyss’:

The poem made me feel like a shrimp could do anything. Because it is surviving the acid and sulphur. (Faran)

The poem made me feel quite sad for the shrimp because in the vast deep depths of the ocean he’s just scuttling across the sea floor all alone (Gursimran)

The poem made me feel calm and relaxed and made me feel sorry for the Shrimp having to live down in the depths of the ocean where it is so dark and quiet. Also it makes me feel like I am floating in the ocean with it. (Alice)

The poem made me feel sad when at the end it said ‘I’ll have to live through this’. (Jimi)

The poem made me feel jealous of the animal because it was described in a way which makes people think that the animal is very special and lucky. (Ethan)

The poem made me feel impressed by the shrimp because it could manoeuvre round volcanos and live under huge pressure. (Gabriella)

We then read the poem ‘Black Smokers’. The children were intrigued with the strange but wonderful environment described. We then wrote our own poems based on an environment of the children’s choosing. Here are some examples – I hope you enjoy!


The children were given a geography task this week looking at volcanoes. We used Google Earth to look at the areas of the world where volcanoes happen the most and we thought about why this may be. The children then used Google Slides to showcase their findings and discuss a famous volcano.

Keeping Active

It was great to see some photos of you doing your P.E this week…

And having fun in the snow!

The children at school had a little fun on Thursday playtime building Colin!

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and get to spend a little more time in the snow before it melts.

Mrs Sykes and Miss Jones

One response to “Friday Showcase!”

  1. Peter Harris says:

    Very impressive work Year 6! There are talented artists, poets, geographers and snow sculptors in this cohort. Well done!

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