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Friday 27th March 2020

Friday 27th March | Comments are off for this post

Good morning 6S! I hope you enjoyed another sunny day yesterday. It’s been lovely to hear that as well as completing your class work, many of you are also gardening, trampolining, painting, jogging and den building – you certainly seem to be keeping yourselves busy!

Three new tasks have been set today:

  • Maths – Area and Arithmetic
  • English – Reading Challenge (this is posted in the comments stream rather than as an assignment)
  • Topic – Science: What if we could bring back woolly mammoths

Please check to see if you have any assignments missing or outstanding as you can still submit them after the due date.
To check this, look at the ‘upcoming’ folder on the left-hand side of the page and click on view all. This will tell you which assignments you have completed and which you have missed.
Here is an example from 6J. Yours will look a little bit different as we have done some different assignments and you will need to go into each different classroom to view all your assignments.

This is where your assignments will appear each day. Click on view all.
You will then see this page. A tick means that you have submitted your assignments, assigned means you need to be working on these tasks and missing means that you didn’t complete by the deadline – but you can still do it and submit!

For some tasks you might see a score out of 100. A score of 100 means you have finished your task and it does not need any editing. A score of less than 100 means you might want to go back and make some changes or corrections.

Yesterday I started ringing families in 6S to see how you are getting on. It was lovely to talk to you! I will try to ring those of you I didn’t speak to yesterday today, so keep an ear out for your phones!

Well done everyone and keep up the hard work!

I look forward to seeing your work today,
Mrs Sykes

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