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Friday 22nd May

Friday 22nd May | Comments are off for this post

We’ve come to the end of a full half term of home learning – well done everyone! I know I’ve said it before, but I continue to be impressed every day with the work that is being submitted and the effort you are all putting in. Thank you so much.

This week was cooking and baking week and you did not disappoint with your creations! I said I would pick a star baker, so here are a few ‘winners’ just for fun…

The Paul Hollywood Award for Best Bread

The nominees are…

  • Erin’s soda bread
  • Tia’s ‘snowgirl’ white bread
  • Stevie’s cheese rolls
  • Jack’s Challah loaf

And the winner is… Jack!

The Mary Berry Award for Best Cake

The nominees are…

  • Elsa’s chocolate fudge cake
  • Lewis’ skittles cake
  • Sophie’s Victoria sponge
  • Adam’s cheesecake
  • Harry’s no-slug chocolate cake

And the winner is… Lewis!

The Nigella Lawson award for Best Sweet Treat

The nominees are…

  • Corday’s chocolate cornflake buns
  • Betsy’s red velvet brownies
  • Jaya’s scones
  • Erin’s chocolate flapjacks

And the winner is… Betsy!

The Jamie Oliver Award for the Best Savoury Dish

The nominees are…

  • Joey’s fry up
  • Zachary’s sweet and sour chicken
  • Sally’s tuna pasta bake
  • Sam’s unnamed pasta dish

And the winner is… Sally!

The Heston Blumenthal Award for Best Showstopper

And the winner is… Zahrah!

I had a very difficult time picking those winners as they were all so excellent. Well done again to everyone who managed to cook something this week, even if you didn’t manage to send a photo in. I hope you enjoyed making (and eating) your creations!

Here are your tasks for today:

  • English – Finish writing your recipes
  • English – Spelling Quiz
  • Maths – Friday Challenge (problem solving)
  • Topic – Geography – Brain Pop lesson
  • Topic – Coding – You keep asking for coding, so I have set another challenge you can complete if you want to!
  • Google Meet – 1pm – All get together for class ‘photo’ for your yearbooks. Brush your hair, get dressed, and pop onto Google Meet where I will take a screen shot of you all together. It would be brilliant to have you all there!

Have a lovely restful half term everyone. To those of you who will be coming back to school on the 1st of June, I’m really looking forward to seeing you. To those who will be staying at home, keep up the amazing work, stay safe and as soon as we can, we will arrange an opportunity for us all to get together again.

Best wishes,

Mrs Sykes

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