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First Week in 6S

Friday 8th September | 5 comments

Welcome to the first weekly blog of 6S!

I hope the children have enjoyed their first week in their new class as much as I have. The children have been enthusiastic, conscientious and a pleasure to teach and I’m sure this will continue.

In maths, the children have begun the year by reviewing their knowledge of place value (millions, hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands etc). We started the week by reading and writing seven and eight digit numbers with children deemed to be meeting the school’s expected standard for Year 6 by being able to do the following:

6, 105, 678 = Six million, one hundred and five thousand, six hundred and seventy-eight

3, 072, 156 = Three million, seventy-two thousand, one hundred and fifty-six

Children have also ordered numbers and recognised the value of digits within numbers. For example, the digit 7 in 4, 732, 108 is worth 700,000 and the digit in the same number is worth 30, 000.

In literacy, children have learnt how to use an expanded noun phrase: can your child explain them to you? The children have also reviewed the school’s cursive handwriting script. I have been extremely impressed with the presentation of lots of children and I’m sure many more handwriting pen licences will be handed out soon.

In geography, children reviewed their map-skills and demonstrated that they were able to confidently label continents and the world’s oceans before finding a range of countries in an atlas efficiently.


Children have been sent home with the Year 3/4 spelling word list this week. It is an expectation that children will be able to spell most of the words on this list. There will be an assessment on these in week 3 of the half term.

Children have also been sent home with a reading comprehension task. This will be sent every other week and should be returned by the following Friday. Children have been taught to make a point and use direct quotes from the text as evidence to back up their answer (or the Point and Evidence method).

Thank you for a fantastic first week back; I look forward to seeing all the children again on Monday morning.

Mr Sharp

5 responses to “First Week in 6S”

  1. Jo Vaughan says:

    good luck for Year 6 everyone…have fun…oh yes, and learn lots!

  2. Melody Wright says:

    I miss being at Farfield. 🙁

    But I’ll always be a Farfield girl! 🙂

    • peterharris says:

      Hi Melody. I hope high school is going well. There are lots more opportunities there!

    • Melody Wright says:

      Highschool is fun…

      But farsley farfield is still the best!

  3. Kate Park says:

    Thank you, Isla has had a great first week in yr six. She has had lots to share about what has been happening and is really looking forward to the trip. Have a good weekend

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