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Different types of numbers and some wonderful writing!

Friday 28th September | Comments are off for this post

Another wonderful week in 6S!

Homework is due on Friday 5th October.

Maths: Finding factors of numbers.

Spelling: Learning words with the suffix able/ible. There will be a test on these words on Friday 5th October.

In maths this week, children have looked at different types of numbers: factors, multiples, prime, square and cube numbers. Children impressed with their ability to work systematically as well as reason and problem solve. Children were challenged to create rhymes and songs to help them recall prime and square numbers which is an expectation of the Year 6 curriculum. I particularly enjoyed this rhyme to learn prime numbers:

2, 3, meet me at the tree.

5, 7, meet me at eleven.

13, 15 just be a queen,

Don’t forget the number 19.

In literacy, children have written a set of instructions including a wide range of literary techniques: time adverbs, conjunctions, semi-colons and expanded noun phrases. I have been especially impressed with the quality of the writing in class as well as children’s ability to work towards writing targets and success criteria.

In music, children continued to learn the song I’ll Be There and next week they shall use glockenspiels to write their own instrumental parts. In RE, children looked at the 10 Gurus of Sikhism and wrote a paragraph about their favourite one using some of the literary techniques mentioned earlier on. In geography, children looked at the effect of different kinds of tectonic plate movement: collision, subduction, separation and sliding.


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