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Cycling and Chromebooks!

Friday 13th November | Comments are off for this post

Congratulations to everyone in 6S for completing their Bikeability training over the last two weeks. Everyone seems to have really enjoyed the cycling sessions and there has been such a positive atmosphere in class throughout the week. Both cycling instructors spoke incredibly highly of the year group, praising every child for their positive attitudes, good listening and effort with their cycling. Well done for being such wonderful Farfield role models. Next week, each child will receive a badge and a certificate detailing the skills they have managed to demonstrate during their sessions.

In the classroom, we have enjoyed starting to use our new Chromebooks, which have already given us many more opportunities to support and extend our learning. We have practised our basic spelling and maths skills; applied our reasoning skills to quizzes and games; listened to audio clips and read information about WW1; worked in pairs to write correctly punctuated conversations; and some children have even made presentations and written stories when they have had a bit of extra time! Well done to everyone for being so responsible with looking after the new equipment.

Of course, we are not forgetting about all the wonderful learning that can be done without technology too: in other lessons we have been making poppies, writing speech punctuation, highlighting a text to answer retrieval questions, talking about the qualities of a good relationship, and (a 6S favourite) role-playing the life of Edward Jenner, who created the world’s first vaccine.


In maths, we have been working hard to consolidate our understanding of factors, multiples, prime numbers, squared numbers and BIDMAS (the order of operations).

Esha was in the lead for a long time in our factors and multiples game today, with a chain of 37 factors and multiples, but at the last minute she was overtaken by Ethan with a very impressive chain of 48! Head to https://nrich.maths.org/factorsandmultiples to see if you can beat Ethan’s score!

What strategies did Ethan use to get his chain of 48?

The question below is one that a lot of children got wrong on a factors, multiples and primes quiz. Why do you think so many children thought the answer was C? Could you explain to them why D is the correct answer?

If anyone is struggling with any of these concepts in maths, don’t forget that the White Rose Maths website still has videos to support children with their learning at school and at home. Here is a video to help with prime numbers.


  • Maths – prime numbers – due 18th November.
  • Spelling – more homophones: think carefully about if the word is a noun or a verb to decide whether to use a c or an s – due 18th November.
  • Learning Log – learn the poem ‘In Flanders Fields’ – due 25th November.

This week’s special mentions went to Alex and Kellen – well done!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Sykes

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