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Charlie at Leeds Children’s Mayor Final

Thursday 27th September | 6 comments

Welcome to a live blog tracking the events of the final of the Leeds Children’s Mayor 2018! Charlotte (as she will be called this evening) has been campaigning all summer to be Leeds Children’s Mayor and tonight she, and all of us, will find out the results!

4:15pm We have arrived at Leeds Civic Hall! Charlotte is sat and there are a selection of sandwiches and snacks to enjoy.

4:40pm: Human bingo has been played! All attending were challenged to find different people who had done or liked doing lots of different things. I don’t know anyone who likes smelly cheese but I am wearing socks! Congratulations to Isla – the current Leeds Children’s Mayor – and another one of the twelve finalists who won!

4:53pm: The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Leeds has been welcomed into the room and are currently introducing themselves to all of the candidates. The Lord Mayor’s gold chains weigh approximately 1kg! Imagine carrying that with you wherever you go! No thank you!

5:05pm The official proceedings are about to commence. There will be introductory talks from the Lord Mayor and the departing Children’s Mayor before each of the 12 finalists read their manifesto.

5:09pm: The Lord Mayor has welcomed everybody to the Civic Hall: contestants, parents, siblings and teachers. He has talked about his ‘fancy dress’ and that he cannot wait to find out who has won – he hopes somebody knows because he doesn’t!

Charlotte is very excited and can’t wait to share her magnificent (no bias here) manifesto with the room.

5:11pm The current and departing Children’s Mayor has welcomed and congratulated the finalists. She has enjoyed her time as Children’s Mayor and made some unforgettable memories whilst meeting some amazing, inspirational people.

5:16pm Anna is the first candidate to read their manifesto. Anna’s manifesto is about the promotion and awareness of mental health across the city. Life isn’t fair but Leeds will be is her slogan.

5:19pm: Himmat is the second candidate to share their manifesto. His manifesto wants to encourage children across the city to get to know each other through inter-school art and sport activities.

5:21pm: Here comes Charlotte!!! Her manifesto is all about making music more accessible to young children across the city. Not only music lessons, children would have increased access to musical performances through unsold tickets at theatres and visiting musicians to schools. “Music makes fireworks in my brain,” has inspired the compere to dance. Charlotte’s speech was excellent and she should be extremely proud of all her hard work this summer.

5:26pm Trent, our next candidate, wants to introduce mindfulness to schools to improve talking about emotions amongst young people.

5:29pm Rio wants to tackle racism across the city through posters and videos. Stop. Think. Racism stinks.

5:31pm Asha wants to create a community between the young children and elderly people across the city. Children would enjoy their time and the elderly would have less time alone.

We’re halfway through!!!

5:33pm: A funny story about the children’s robes. They used to be one-sized fits all and would often drown children! Tonight’s winner would have made-to-measure robes – phew!

5:35pm: Lois’ manifesto encourages children and schools to play a role in reducing the amount of plastic by using paper instead to help the environment. Paper over plastic.

5:39pm: Libby would like to encourage young people to eat more healthily as well as introducing the Daily Mile programme across the entire school community of Leeds.

5:42pm: Amy’s manifesto is all about recycling and reusing. Lots of care for the environment amongst the candidates tonight.

5:45pm: There’s a Civic Hall cat! Pick up your food, ladies and gentleman!

5:48pm: Hebrides (who has a cat the same name, colour and size as the compere!) is speaking without her manifesto in front of her. She would like to inspire children to become more eco-friendly.

5:49pm: Two more!

5:51pm: Evie, the penultimate finalist, would to improve the amount of and access to free-to-use community libraries. Increasing access to books, especially away from school, is vital to improve the reading ability of children.

5:54pm The final finalist is here to share her manifesto: Maeva. She wants to help the homeless people of Leeds with food and clothing donations.

5:55pm A huge round of applause for all 12 finalists! What wonderful children we have in our city!

A ten-minute break before the candidates and their families and teachers are led through to the Council chambers for the results! We’re very excited!

6:06pm: The one-minute warning!

6:10pm: The candidates are sat together in the Council chamber which is an oval-shaped room with three rows of orange, leather seats. It is in this room where the councillors of Leeds meet. The councillor for children and families is here tonight: Lisa Mulherrin.

She has been very impressed with all of the wonderful ideas and manifestos of the children. Thank yous are being given to all those who have helped the candidates get to where they are now.

A congratulations is also extended to Isla, the departing Children’s Mayor who has done many wonderful things across the city over the past year.

The final thank-yous are for Leeds Children Services who are leading the way in providing children with opportunities to have an impact on the city.

6:21pm: The results are nearly here! Each candidate has received over 850 votes! What an incredible figure!

6:22pm: The Lord Mayor has been invited to announce the new Leeds Children’s Mayor.

6:23pm: The Lord Mayor is keeping us on tenterhooks! There is a man from New Zealand who has been welcomed. He is here to see how Leeds promote a children’s voice.

6:24pm: Sadly, it was not to be for Charlie. Rio has become the new Leeds Children’s Mayor.

Charlie looks extremely proud of herself and as well she should be. As a school, I am sure we shall be looking to implement some of her fabulous ideas! Well done Charlie! We are all very proud of you!

Rio is off to try on his new robes and the night is drawing to a close. Thank you for reading this live blog! See you at school tomorrow!

6 responses to “Charlie at Leeds Children’s Mayor Final”

  1. Kate Heap says:

    Thank you for a fantastic record of the evening! Charlie was so pleased you were able to come.

  2. Margaret Guest says:

    Thanks for sharing this. We have watched Charlie’s campaign from Canada and would love to give her a big hug today.
    Thank you for supporting her over the summer.
    Margaret & Barry Guest – Charlie’s Canadian Grandparents

  3. Mrs Gilhooley says:

    Thanks Mr Sharp for the commentary!

    Well done Charlie for all your hard work. You should be very proud. Rio’s manifesto sounds very worthy.

  4. Peter Harris says:

    Very exciting. Thank you for the commentary! Need to set off home now and afraid I will miss the results announcement!

  5. Alex says:

    Good luck! We hope all your hard work pays off!

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