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Budgeting after SATs

Friday 8th June | 3 comments

What a week for Year 6!!!

I am sure you will have seen how awesome a time the children had on residential. They have continued to work hard on their return to school.

Yesterday, the children spent time finding their favourite photographs of the residential before planning and then writing a recount of their time on residential. I look forward to publishing these recounts at some point next week.

Today, the children have enjoyed starting their Big Budget Project. The children were randomly allocated a profession and annual salary. Using their percentage-calculation skills, the children identified how much of their salary would be paid in income tax, national insurance and pension contributions. They have then begun researching property prices, gas and electricity bills and broadband internet deals. Next week, the children will continue their project further budgeting for food, clothes and thinking about savings as well.

All the staff in Year 6 hope the children have a restful weekend!

3 responses to “Budgeting after SATs”

  1. Marion says:

    The budgeting topic sounds really interesting. What a great idea!

  2. Nadine Armitage says:

    Well that certainly is a big project to learn, I wonder if the cost of children’s ‘can I haves’ will be taken into account of salary??
    Well done 6S on working hard after your amazing residential.

  3. Karen Chaudhari (Eva's Mum) says:

    Thanks once again for giving the children such fantastic opportunities on the Resi and making it all possible. Eva has been absolutely buzzing about everything that happened and the chance to try so many new activities. Fantastic memories made with a great class 🙂

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