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Are we practicing? Nope. We’re practising! Amongst other things of course…

Friday 22nd June | Comments are off for this post


Find a photograph from around the time you started school. Email this photograph to chris.sharp@farsleyfarfield.org.uk or bring in the original copy to be scanned – originals will be returned.

Learn the lines to the Leavers’ Show.

Begin to think of OR continue to practise dances for the Leavers’ Show.

As you can probably tell, rehearsals for the End of Year 6 Performance are in full swing and – with the disclaimer that I’ve never put on a performance like this with a class or year group – I must say, things are going very well! I shan’t reveal too much more but you are in for a treat!

In maths, children have continued with The Big Budget Project. This week, children have considered which items they would like to buy as one-off purchases before working out how long they would need to save up for. Some children have been able to buy all they want to with their first pay-packet – some very good budgeting indeed! We have also considered some unexpected financial events such as a boiler breakdown, mechanical problem or birthday surprise! Next week, the children will go through a full year on their budget before considering what aspects they would change (do you really want to spend that much on your pet gecko?).

In literacy, children have been completing various pieces of writing: residential recounts, Yearbook messages, story-writing. The children have been ensuring that their writing is coherent, entertaining and contains all the features of writing expected of a child at the end of Year 6.

In history, we have looked at what Britain was like before the pesky Romans turned up, otherwise known as the Iron Age. Children were amazed at the skill in building hill forts and slightly disgusted at the primitive toilets. Some videos below will teach you even more!


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