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Algebra, Poems and only 500 Words!

Friday 1st March | Comments are off for this post

Welcome back to the 6S blog; we’ve had another busy week!


Maths: complete Algebra testbase questions. Due in on Friday 8th March.

Literacy: read Purple p

Spelling: practise words ending in -tial and -cial. Children should be familiar with this spelling pattern as it has been on their Spelling Shed pages for a little while.

Please continue to encourage your child to do 5 minutes of Spelling Shed and 5 minutes of TT Rockstars every day.

In maths this week, children have continued developing their understanding of algebra. They have used resources and diagrams to help find missing values. To be at the expected standard in Year 6, it is suggested that a child should be able to find the value of x in 3x + 1 = 16. I am delighted to report that the majority of Year 6 are able to do this with ease and are able to work out the value of x in a number of problems – such as the ones seen below.

In literacy, children have planned their 500 Word Story. We planned a terrifying story about pet animals that start becoming electronic, large and dangerous. The human characters (Noah, a 23-year-old who likes to play football but has mouldy toes and Tanya, an 8-year-old girl who is bold and courageous) will play their part in attempting to save the village from destruction! Aren’t you excited? I’m excited.

The children planned their own stories before writing a character description about the main character in their story. Using their plans, they will go on to write a story that must be no more than 500 words. These will be completed by next Thursday and submitted to the BBC Radio 2 Competition. Look out for the entries on the blog too!

On Friday morning, we had our annual Poetry Slam in Year 6. I was extremely impressed with the effort that children went to with learning lines. Some had clearly practised hard and this was evident in their confident deliveries of some long and challenging poetry. To be meeting the standard in Year 6, children should be able to learn by heart a range of age-appropriate poems as well as performing them with an understanding of intonation, tone and volume in order to gain and maintain the attention of an audience. Lots of children were certainly very engaging this morning. Well done Year 6!

In Music this week, children have begun learning the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. It is clear to say that the children are enjoying this high-tempo, pop classic much more than Benjamin Britten’s “turgid” (the children’s words; not mine!) song from last half-term! In PE, children had an enjoyable start to this half-term’s modules. I was extremely impressed with my tag-rugby group: they demonstrated excellent passing ability – I wonder if any of that group could comment on the 4 things I was looking for that make a good rugby pass!

Have a lovely, restful weekend!

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