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A Week of War Horse

Friday 14th December | Comments are off for this post

What a fantastic week of writing in Year 6: I have been impressed with the children’s use of vocabulary and punctuation to create pieces of writing that have depicted different scenes from the story so far.

By the end of Year 6, children working at the expected standard should be able to use colons, semi-colons and dashes correctly in their writing; those children aiming for greater depth should be able to use this level of punctuation with particular skill and to enhance meaning. Below are examples of this punctuation that have been used over the past few days in 6S writing.

Some examples of using a colon:

He sighed: Captain Nicholls wanted to give him the money but couldn’t.

He was in a dishevelled state: light-brown, curly hair flying; cheeks red and hot; blue eyes filled with tears, and his pale shirt dirty and crumpled.

Topthorn was eager to get going: he was loudly braying and scratching the ground with intent before rearing up.

Some examples of using a semi-colon:

Joey’s eyes were scared and frightened; what was going on?

We decided to enter; as soon as we did, the door slammed shut.

“If he’s going, I am going; I will never leave his side.”

Some examples of using a dash:

The glossy, ebony mane upon his sleek neck that billowed in the enraged wind covered Joey’s tear-filled eyes – he was distraught.

Topthorn was so excited – he wanted to go everywhere.

The old man didn’t say anything as he knew Albert was sad – he shouldn’t have sold Joey


I am extremely pleased that lots of children are already using such punctuation in their writing – well done 6S!

Rehearsals for the KS2 Christmas Production have continued with earnest this week; all parents who are coming to see the show (Tuesday 9:30am / Wednesday 2:00pm) are in for a treat! PE lessons this week saw the children either attend Gym Magic or the Climbing Depot or take part in an OAA session on the school grounds. Children completing the latter activity were extremely motivated by the use of electric scanners which are on loan to school. They allowed children to track how quickly they were completing routes and served to encourage children to put in lots of effort. All children’s heart beats were raised and I am looking forward to introducing the equipment to all Year 6 children over the course of the year.



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