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Friday 30th April | Comments are off for this post

This week the blog has been written by some of the children in 6J. A huge well done to Jacob, Gursimran and Raman, who spent lots time today working at it!


This week we have been writing our newspaper reports unit. This week we have been planning and drafting a new piece of writing; our news reports of Lord and Lady Money being robbed by the infamous ‘villain’ the highwayman!

In guided reading this week we have been doing some questions about the highwayman, linked to retrieving information. It was fun to spot all of the details the poet had used.


During the week, we have been finishing off our ratio topic with some SATS style questions. We have also been making some revision cards focusing on the topics that we find difficult. As well as that, we have been practicing our arithmetic skills and focusing on some of the trickier questions.


Science experiments and investigations have always been a fun part of the week. We have been carrying on from our topic of light and how we see. This week we have done some modelling of how we can see things. Olivia says, “This week’s modelling task has been fun, exciting and exhilarating!”


This term, our history topic is focusing on the industrial revolution and the change between simple houses and farms to big cities and factories. We have also been identifying the reasons why people decided to move to the city: higher wages, modern houses and better living conditions.


PPA has always been a highlight of the week, especially for the children who get to do cooking. This week our class has been enjoying some farming despite the cold weather and poppy- themed art. “A favourite and most enjoyable part of farming has always been feeding the chickens. ”Nathan and Iman. In art, we have been drawing poppies and colouring them in.


For homework this week the children have been given:

  • Spelling Shed – 10 games
  • Mathletics 2 tasks
  • Maths SATS booklet ordering numbers page 2 and 3 and Scales page 44 and 45
  • English SATS book prefixes page 52

Hope you enjoy the long bank holiday weekend!

Miss Jones and Mrs Dobkin

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