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A busy two weeks!

Friday 16th October | No comments yet

Here are some of the things we have been doing in 6S recently!


I’ve been so impressed with the children’s Learning Log homework over the last two weeks. Everyone has been really enthusiastic to share their knowledge about earthquakes and it’s been wonderful to hear how much effort they put into their work at home. Many children confidently spoke in front of the class and showed a really good understanding. We also had some very impressive ICT skills – Isaac’s slide transitions being a particular highlight!

Jellyfish Attack!

In English, we prepared for some narrative writing by acting out a scene from Kensuke’s Kingdom where Michael is stung by a jellyfish. After watching the Christmas production last year, it came as no surprise that the children loved this task and gave some very dramatic performances! The children thought carefully about how Kensuke would have been feeling and what atmosphere they would want to create when writing this scene. We have been slowly learning more about this character and the children have made some great predictions about what else we might find out about him.

Yeast investigations

In Science, we were looking forward to a practical lesson testing out the conditions in which yeast works best. Unfortunately, our first attempt gave us very disappointing results – most groups had almost no reaction. We thought about why this might have been: some groups probably killed off the microorganisms using water that was too hot and other groups wondered if they should have used more sugar. A few days later, we decided to give it another go, this time setting up an investigation as a class. One of our investigations still didn’t work well, but the other gave us a very exciting half an hour watching as balloons filled with the carbon dioxide that was produced as the yeast fed on the sugar. Our results showed us that the yeast that was in warm water with some sugar, but not too much sugar, worked best. I think if we repeated our investigation again, we would mix the ingredients together more.


Finally, as part of our Covid-friendly music lessons, we had a go at learning the chorus of ‘Happy’ using sign language. I was impressed with the children’s concentration during this and they did really well to remember all the actions!

Special Mention

Special mentions for the last two weeks went to Ella, Esha, Emily and Aaminah – well done all of you!


Homework this week is a maths task on short division and a spelling word search. Remember, when adding a suffix to a word ending in -fer , you double the r when the fer is stressed! Learning Log homework will be given out next week.


Today, letters about Bikeability (which will be happening next half term) and Parents’ Evening should have gone home. If you have not received your parents’ evening slot, please contact the school office.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs Sykes

Looking after the chickens on our last day in the den area at lunchtime 🙂

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