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Friday 7th May | Comments are off for this post

After the success of last week’s blog, 6S took the reins this week and here is the result!


In English this week we have been doing more work on The Highway Man poem written by Alfred Noyes. We have been writing newspaper reports about the death of the Notorious Highway Man. For the past few weeks of this half term, we have been learning about how to write a good report about the big events of the poem. In the reports there are quotes from characters who experienced the death, an orientation paragraph, two main body paragraphs, a reorientation paragraph, questions and headlines. We wrote our newspapers over the course of two days and everyone worked really hard on it. Here are some of the newspapers:


We have now finished our topic on ratio and are starting line graphs. On Tuesday, we learnt to read and interpret them by asking simple questions like: Exactly what time was it when George was 150ft above sea level? 2:00pm. The next day, we learnt to use the appropriate scale for the graphs and we were told that this was important to drawing them. The maths on Thursday was some SATS questions and personally I think question 4 (converting between different currencies using a line graph) was the trickiest. Today (Friday), the whole class did an arithmetic paper and we watched some videos on the YouTube channel Mr Wall. Here is the link to his YouTube channel:


Well done Year 6!

Ethan’s 10 question quiz

  1. 46 x 51 = 
  2. 4041 divided by 3 = 
  3. 2745 + 4763 = 
  4. 7628 – 879 =
  5. 2 x 25 – 23 = 
  6. At 2:00pm, Mo went on an exactly steady run. By 3:00pm, he had walked 1884m. How many metres had he run at 2:15?
  7. How many metres had he run at 2:45?
  8. (34 x 22) divided by 4 = 
  9. £50 equals about 58 euros. How many pounds is 406 euros?
  10.  E = 4

R = 5E

T = 7R

H = 3T

What is the value of 4H + 14R?  


Our topic in science at the moment is light and reflections. This week, we did slide presentations on Isaac Newton as he was the first person to create a telescope. Nuraniya said “I liked working with my friends in a group activity because I got to share my ideas.”


In P.E. this week, we did some Tag Rugby with Karl where we learnt how to do side steps and pretending to pass to a team member. Then, since it was cold, we went inside and went round the hall doing different circuits for forty-five seconds per activity. We counted how many of each exercise we did and then tried to beat our score the second time round.


The highlight of this week had to be PPA. In cooking 6J made rhubarb buns with Miss Saunders. They were delicious! The topic in art this week is based on Jean Tinguely’s kinetic art. This included sketching cogs which Tinguely is famous for using in his art.

This term Year 6 have been making adventure games and doing RE with Mrs du Preez. They have been learning about Christian compassion. On the farm, many tomato plants have been planted , including Nimbus and Sweet millions. While visiting them; chickens allowed some of the children to pick them up.


This week in French, we learnt about all of the body parts. Such as pied which means foot. Mrs Dobkin taught and spoke completely in French again.


This week in Music we haven’t been able to sing so we have been using glockenspiels. We learnt how to play “A, A, G, G” to make a tune and we also learnt how to play “Happy Birthday to You” and “Mary Had A Little Lamb” plus “Twinkle Little star” (we didn’t properly learn them though because they were quite tricky).

Word of the Week and Guided Reading

The word of the week is unsullied which means someone is unspoiled. In Guided Reading, we have been answering questions about the Highwayman. For the past three weeks, we have been using a book called Classic Poetry for year 5  and 6, written by Kate Heap. 


This week for homework, we will be using our SATs revision books; in the Maths book, we will be filling in the Bar charts and Line graphs pages, pages 84-85, and in the English book, we will be filling in the Choice of Language pages, pages 12-13.

Photo of the Maths hw pages

Photo of the English hw pages

We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

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