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6T residential Day 3

Saturday 10th June | 9 comments

The children slept very well again: all quiet shortly after 11pm and not up early.

Mr Harris’ group went caving. Once we got going, the children did well scrambling along the river as it made its way through the cave. Some of the children showed good recall of their Y5 learning about rocks and caves; some sadly didn’t so it was useful to go over it again. It was a much bigger cave than the caves we went into in Y5 and the scene was more spectacular. We didn’t quite get to the tighter bits this time although some other groups did.

Mrs Carney’s group reportedly did very well with the canoeing, despite the wind getting up a bit. The instructor, Greg, was very complimentary about Mrs Carney’s canoeing skills leading her boat.

Mr Tiffany’s group excelled on the via ferrata course and completed the whole thing: a brilliant end to the activities!

This was a great group to go on residential with and I hope that they had an enjoyable and memorable trip. They can be proud of their efforts: overcoming fears and showing great determination. This residential was an excellent progression from the Y5 residential in terms of Outdoor and Adventurous Education progression. Some of these children may return to How Stean Gorge when they are at high school, but this is such a great place that there is plenty more to do and harder challenges to face.

Many thanks to Mr Tiffany and Mrs Carney who led the residential and gave up their whole week up there – they did a great job! Also, many thanks to the fantastic instructors at How Stean Gorge who looked after us so well.

9 responses to “6T residential Day 3”

  1. Hannah says:

    I really enjoyed caving. My favourite bit was when we got to roll on the ground because there wasn’t enough room for us to crawl. The funniest bit was when we were all waiting to get out of the cave ; Hana and Keanush were chucking mud at each other.

  2. Sally says:

    I really enjoyed via ferrata it was the one I liked the most I think it is very safe but frightening for some people.The bit I was worried about the most was crossing the first burmer bridge because I didn’t think I would be able to reach it. Thank you to the staff and the people who helped us at How Stean Gorge.

  3. Melody says:

    My favourite was gorge scrambling, but I loved caving. It was awesome!

  4. Nav says:

    The caving that my group did (Mr.Harris group) was spectacular because we went to a different cave to all the other groups.My favourite part was when the group turned all the lights off in the pitch black.

  5. Daisy says:

    I really enjoyed the Via ferrata because of how challenging it was. My favourite part was the second half because not many people get to do it also because there was an awesome zip wire.

  6. Faye says:

    Residential was amazing, my favourite activity was certainly the via ferrata. It was really fun clambering over the rocks.

  7. Mrs Bowker (Ty's mum) says:

    Ty thoroughly enjoyed his residential even though he found some of the activities challenging at times. Thank you to everyone involved. A residential to remember for ever.

  8. Ayaan's mum says:

    Ayaan absolutely loved the residential and wants to go back!

    Well done to the hard work , grit and determination showed by all….

    Lastly, a big thank you to all those who made the last trip of Primary School such a memorable experience…

  9. Khadijah's mum says:

    This has been one fantastic adventure for 6T, brilliant in every way too. Thank you to all the staff for their time, efforts and huge commitment , in making this a success!!

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