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6T residential day 2: morning

Thursday 8th June | 3 comments

Wet, wet, wet this morning.  Thankfully we have some great kit.

The children were all asleep shortly after eleven (better than 6CH!). They did all awake at about 6am which was a bit early but not bad.

After a good breakfast, we started our first activity: canoeing, caving or via ferrata.

Via ferrata is traversing with two carabiners and a wire to follow. After a loop or two of a practice section, we had to cross a narrow bar bridge – a step too far for a couple. After that, we had to find our way from section to section, carefully clipping ourself on and off: always keeping at least one carabiner clipped on. Photos from Mr Harris’ group again as he is the only staff member awesome enough – to take photos and climb at the same time (bound to come a ‘cropper’ soon).

Mr Tiffany, who is much more sensible tee hee hee, got Tom the instructor to do some photography whilst we were canoeing. We had a relatively calm trip over and around the reservoir including some stone skimming championships – Cole and Daisy were particularly successful.

3 responses to “6T residential day 2: morning”

  1. Joel M says:

    This was defenatley my faveourate, it made me feel like I was climbing a mountain.

  2. Darcy says:

    Canoeing was the best activitie I did even though I was useless at it. I really like the photos we took as well. As well as canoeing, I enjoyed abseiling too.

  3. Mr Cooke says:

    Looks like you are having a brilliant time despite the weather.
    Great photo/video work Mr Harris.
    If you do ‘come a cropper’, please ensure you are doing a ‘selfie’ at that specific moment in time!

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