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6s Residential Day 3

Wednesday 7th July | 5 comments

I bet the children were tired when they got home.

We went to bed a bit later than anticipated as some children were watching the football. They were all quiet very quickly and almost everyone got a good night’s sleep.

Today was all about the gorge: abseiling and gorge scrambling (with a bit of jumping in too). Sorry we couldn’t get pictures and videos of everyone – it was a bit wet down there!

This was an excellent group: good company, polite, brave and mutually supportive. They can all be proud of themselves and each other.

Due to Covid issues back at school and resulting self-isolation, both Mrs Hawkhead and Miss Jones are now doing it all again with 6J: good fun but exhausting!

5 responses to “6s Residential Day 3”

  1. Claire Ackers says:

    Thank you so much for your efforts in making this happen, Phoebe has had a smashing time and came home with a massive grin.

  2. Naheed says:

    Well done 6S. What an amazing end to your residential! Pleased you got to go and have this amazing experience!

  3. Tanya says:

    So proud of all the children, pushing them selves, supporting each other and having fun. We’ll done everyone!

  4. Lois n Stephen Carr, Sophie’s G&G says:

    What a wonderful time for 6S, Sophie tired, but not stopped talking about all the adventures and fun you have all had together.
    She is asking when can she do it again !
    Anybody fancy meeting up during the school holidays!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mrs Sykes says:

    Well done 6S! I’m very proud of you all

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