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6S residential day 2 2019

Tuesday 4th June | 38 comments

It is pouring down as I write this blog (about 6-7pm) but the weather has been ok most of the day. We didn’t go canoeing which meant two groups doubled up which slowed things down a little but overall it has been another terrific day.

The children generally slept well and 3 of the 4 tents were quiet by midnight. The same dubious tent was awake again shortly after 5… Most children, however, seemed to have a good night’s sleep; the boys were excellent. Not a bad group at all.

All the children have done via ferrata (traversing along a cable) today  in the gorge and caving at Manchester Hole a couple of miles from How Stean. They have all done very well! Lots of children have overcome fears. Sadly, only one group got the chance to do the most challenging parts of the via ferrata course.

Food has been excellent and the children are eating well. Everyone seems happy and healthy. The leaders – Libby, Adam and Adam – have been super. This afternoon we had a visit from the Leeds City Council H&S advisor and he came on the via ferrata course with us; he is a big supporter of our school’s Outdoor and Adventurous Activities curriculum.

Via Ferrata


This evening the children are making fire with Adam and Libby (under a canopy), watching a bit of a film and later we are having a bit of a party to mark Eid with our Muslim children.

Tomorrow we may have a walk rather than canoeing as the wind is forecast to be quite high around here (but dry). We will be back in Leeds mid afternoon and we will see you at the usual home time.

Again, sorry if your child isn’t in the photos or video: it’s hard to manage – especially in the dark or wet – and we have had two cameras develop faults! The videos are rather rushed!

38 responses to “6S residential day 2 2019”

  1. Mair says:

    Despite the bad weather, we all did sick and destroyed it like me and gumballhotdog destroy noobs on Overwatch. The caving was extremely tight and killed me. Finally, the via ferrata scared me half to death.

  2. Manroop says:

    The via ferrata was very fun but scary at the same time. Despite it raining, I enjoyed it a lot. When we were in the cave, it was pitch-black and we had to use glow sticks.

  3. Ruby says:

    Although our tent leaked that night, it was really fun. The caving ( my favourite part of the day) made me become the most muddy I have ever been and my feet got very wet. It was awkward when we had to crouch in the pitch-black but most of the time in was open. The Via Ferrta was fun but very slippy and challenging. We all got soaking wet.

  4. Preeya :) says:

    Despite that I was really scared, I really enjoyed the Via Ferrata. The caving was really fun; we met up with the other group which made it so much better. I really liked the Gorge Walk because I really liked walking up the waterfall.

  5. Lauren says:

    I really enjoyed the Via Ferrata; it was really fun despite it being kinda scary when Adam pretended to move his foot which I stepped on when there were no other places to put your foot. I loved the caving although I don’t like small spaces (it was really open inside).I loved all of the residential but we did get really wet .

  6. Charlie Heap says:

    I loved the excitingly-terrifying Via Ferrata especially when we lent back into the harnes on the first beam. Although there was quite a bit of waiting, it was exciting and fun. There were many different things we had to climb across: a beam, 2 ladders, lots of rocks sticking out in odd directions and various staples fairly far away from each other.

  7. Amelia says:

    The coal-black cave was good despite the fact that I tripped up lots of times. It was very exciting. The via ferrata had lots of obstacales : the balancing beam, the ladder ,the loops and the steep ladder.

  8. Kiran says:

    Despite the fact the two-hour-long via ferrata was long and hard, it was extremely fun and exciting.I had a fantastic time doing all the activities that day even though it was raining. The caving was also very enjoyable and the videos were hilarious!

  9. Zoya says:

    It was such a good time for 6S to go to residential and enjoy the wonderful activities. Even though some children were worried, they tried their best.

  10. Husna says:

    Despite the fact that I am scared of heights, I managed to cross the bridge- with some help. It was quite the experience as the view was amazing as I was up on the murky,mossy and steep rocks; it was scary but at the same time awesome to see my friends -Lizzie, Nina, Umayyah and Mariah- do the extra bit of the Via Ferrata as the height was extreme.

  11. Izzabelle says:

    My favourite activity was the Via Ferrata because I love going up high and I love climbing. I also helped some children who were scared, to conquer their fear of climbing and heights.

  12. Nina says:

    Despite a feeling of fear, I went first on the Via Ferrata and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a nerve-racking journey across and a little upwards. I was really glad I got onto the extra part – it was terrifyingly exciting!!!

  13. Oliver B says:

    The tent was freezing at night despite the fact that I had three layers on!!!
    We had a really good time on Resi.
    The cave on day 3 was really tight (Ryan got stuck!) The best bit for me was doing the abseiling -it was FUN.

  14. Macey Armitage says:

    Despite the cold weather on the second day, we all had a great time! Abseiling was amazing; it was extremely high up. Our three-day-long residential was better than I had expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. ryan says:

    The via ferrata was scary for me because when I went to get grip on my other foot, it slipped and I held myself up.After I nearly fell, I powered through while I was shaking.At the end, I said I couldn’t do it but I lifted myself up and got my jacket extremely muddy.

  16. Elliot says:

    The Via Ferrata was really fun despite the heights and the extremely dissapointing weather. The caving was super muddy and I struggled getting my welly off because Adam didn’t help me! The pictures were super weird ; I am a demon.

  17. Bradley 6S says:

    Such a great time on residential. The tents were freezing at the night!!!! Despite the rain, we all had a great time.

  18. Mrs Heap says:

    It looks like another great day! Well done, everyone. 6H is very excited about joining you at lunchtime tomorrow.
    Tom and Lucy can’t wait to see Charlie and hope she has lots of fun on her last day.

  19. Shamim Sadiq says:

    Thank you for this update. What another fantastic day.

    Eid Mubarak everyone, enjoy yourselves!

  20. Debbie Smith says:

    Glad to hear the weather has been ok for most of the day! Enjoy whatever you do tomorrow morning, we can’t wait to hear all about it. Sounds like there will be some very tired children tomorrow! What a great experience for you all.

  21. Cheryl Si-Yo says:

    Really missing my girl, we’ve never been this long without either seeing or speaking to each other. Really can’t wait to see her face and give lots of mummy love to her. Alfies missing her so much too.
    Drive safely. Lots of love x

  22. Kirsty Shepherd says:

    Amazing films and pictures – well done all of you. Am definitely wondering which tent has been up until 5am! Hope you are keeping as dry as possible! Thank you so much to the school and staff for what looks like a brilliant adventure.

  23. Sarah Temporal says:

    Well done the boys! Great photos of everyone. Glad the weather isn’t dampening your spirits. Look forward to hearing all about it tomorrow.

  24. Chloe A says:

    Another fantastic update. Evie and I are so, so proud of Miles doing the Via Ferrata. We love him!! Thank you 6S and staff for supporting each other.

  25. Nahed Akhtar says:

    The pictures look great and I finally got a glimpse of Umayyah. The activities are looking like alot of fun and quite challenging. Hope you enjoy your eid celebration and the remainder of your residential.

  26. Mr Sharp says:

    You soggy lot!

    You all seem to be having a wonderful time. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures tomorrow!

    I wonder which tent hasn’t been sleeping…

    Well done to the boys tent!

  27. Nadine says:

    The smiles (and dirt) on your faces says it all…it looks like you are all enjoying and challenging yourselves.
    Very impressive 6S!!
    Hope you have a great night tonight and a dry day tomorrow

  28. Mrs Hawkhead says:

    Well done 6S and all the staff. Looks like you have had another great day making some amazing memories. I bet you will all sleep well tonight after so much excitement.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  29. Michael Horner says:

    Sounds like good character-building stuff!!!! Here’s hoping for a better night’s kip for everyone! Looking forward to hearing all about it tomorrow!

  30. Zoe F Briggs says:

    So pleased you’re all having such a good time… Despite the weather. What a brave bunch you are! Hope that you enjoy your camp fire tonight and that you have plenty of marshmallows to toast. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back tomorrow.

  31. Claire Brennan says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this update all day! The weather is miserable but sounds like you’re all having lots of fun too!

    Hope you all stay warm and dry and that everyone gets a good night’s sleep (not 5 hours!!)

  32. Michelle Webster says:

    Wow ! Looks amazing and the kids are all doing brilliantly. Hope the weather improves for tomorrow and you all have a dry and cosy night in the tents – eek !

  33. Sarah says:

    Wow it looks amazing! You’re all braver than me without a doubt.

    Heather, you are missed lots by Caitlin. She wants to be sure you are okay in the rain. She can’t wait till you’re home tomorrow x

  34. Marion Cole says:

    Thanks for the update- we have been wondering how you were coping with the miserable weather. Glad to read that you’re having a great time despite the rain!

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