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500 Word Stories

Monday 25th February | 24 comments

Good morning 6S.

Please follow this link to a website with the top 50 entries to last year’s BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words Competition. Read through the stories. Be thinking: what was your favourite story? Why was it your favourite story? What did characters do that you liked/didn’t like? Comment in the comment box below. Everyone should write a comment!


24 responses to “500 Word Stories”

  1. Izabelle says:

    I think that Hey Botty was one of my favourite books because it is fun and bits of it were funny. It is a book that I would like because it’s not long and it’s not boring.

  2. Summer says:

    My favourite 500 word story was Im a boy becouse it was funny. There were two boys and one of them told the other one come hear so he did. After that the first boy said are you wearing mascara? The other boy said “NO THATS FOR GIRLS” I thought it was funny. Hahah.

  3. Zoya says:

    I like the dance of the tree because of when it says they would rather put up a fight and for the bushes seem evil,wicked and vail and they don’t go asleep.

  4. Kiran says:

    There were many good stories but in my opinion the best story to read was The Messenger Of The Gods.I believe this because it had some amazing Greek gods,funny jokes and it proves that the modern way to do things isn’t necessarily the best.

  5. Umayyah says:

    All of these stories were amazing but the one that stood out was Rose. It was very heartwarming; a frail man is caring for a rose eventhough his health was critical. The cliffhanger was very unpredictable yet touching.

  6. Husna says:

    One of my favourite books from the 500 words was ‘Everyone deserves a home’; it had a very good description and had a spread of dialogue, narrative and action. It had some year 6 level punctuation: dashes and semi-colons. Also, it had a rhetorical question.

  7. Manroop says:

    I enjoyed Empty Space because it is a mysterious story; people began to disappear from Earth from all the negative people do, the message at the end is to be kind. It’s about a girl whose friend disappears on the way to school but it turns out they’re stuck in a different universe.

  8. Phoebe says:

    My favourite is Empty Space ; it is slightly sad but hopeful as he loses his best friend and tries to find him . But will he succeed

  9. Macey says:

    The trouble with Mondays is my favourite story because of the cleverness and humour in it.This story makes you think because you start to wonder if the things happening in the story are actually real; nobody likes Mondays!!!

  10. Oliver m says:

    My favourite story is Alone because it is very deep and it explained the world that it was in; they also used a great choice of description and vocabulary.

  11. Ruby says:

    My favourite story was empty space. I like it because it is a little bit weird as well as tense. The ending was happy since it said that people were apoligising to each other. I never knew what was going to happen next. ☺️

    I enjoyed it

  12. Ollie W says:

    My favourite in my opinion, is everyone deserves a home because it’s touching in a way and it makes people realise what can happen to poor animals sometimes. Also, the people who find the animal the little boy had the same thing happen to him.

  13. Amelia says:

    My favourite is Every one deserves a home, because it makes you think and it sends a good message to be kind. Make sure you look after people. Another message it sends is don’t bully or be mean☺️☺️

  14. Heather haley says:

    The pianist was my favourite one because it starters with the old man walked into which I like things like that and I think is really good .

  15. Elliot says:

    I think partners in crime is an amazing story; it is filled with action but a mixture of speech narrative and action all at the same time.It has lovely vocabulary as well as description. I love how this story uses the correct words.

  16. Charlie Heap says:

    My favourite story was The Messanger of the Gods by Maya Stoll because it is all about Greek gods which I love. I also like the new, made-up God of technology and the challenge that Hermes set. I love the humour element and the admirers.

  17. Jasroop says:

    I enjoyed most of them but my overall favourite is the The teeth exchange. I like this ; it is very humorous to the reader as Wendy is very hesitant and she snaps at people easily . She is quite old and she doesn’t have very good memory . This story is set in the hospital.

  18. Oliver B says:

    My favourite story was Partners in Grime because there was a lot of good description and I liked that they were robbers. There was a good atmosphere by they were in a dark place so I felt like I was really there because I was so engaged reading!

  19. Evie Brennan says:

    In the 500 word stories my favourite one was the rose as it had a sad ending but was very gripping. The twist at the end was that as the rose was diying he grew weaker and weaker and was dying with it. In the story they used a lot of description so you could really picture what the rose and the man would look like.

  20. Lauren Pritchard says:

    My favourite 500 word story was The dance of the trees ; it’s relaxing, it is really nice to read and it rhymes. It has good description so you can picture it in your mind .

  21. Ben S says:

    My favourite story is Of a mouse and a man because I like the idea of the story and It has a bit of humour in the story. It’s also just an all round great story.

  22. Preeya says:

    My favourite story is Empty Space because I like the atmosphere of the story. I like the bit where the people all came back at the end of the story.

  23. Nina says:

    Partners in Grime was my favourite story. I thought it had a interesting plot and the writer used powerful vocabulary to create a brilliant atmosphere. The description was so good; I could picture everything. Overall, it was a fantastic story and I felt like it could be in a book of short stories.

  24. Hafsah says:

    My favourite story is Memories because it tells the story of a refugee from Syria who lost lots. It also gives a message saying that bad memories don’t always go away.

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