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6S news 9th March 2018

Friday 9th March | Comments are off for this post


In maths this week, children have investigated perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes, triangles and parallelograms. The children have learned lots of different rules and formulae to help them find missing numbers to area and perimeter problems. Videos about this can be found below:

Once children knew how to find the perimeter and area of rectangular shapes, they investigated into how they could use their knowledge to find the area of triangles. A rectangle can be cut in half diagonally to make two triangles; half the area of a rectangle must be the area of a whole triangle.

In reading, children have worked on their inference and deduction skills. Using the texts from the 2016 KS2 SAT paper, children have answered inference questions supporting their answers with evidence from the text when necessary. A PowerPoint all about about inference can be found here:  Inference PPT.

In writing, children have begun work on a poem by Alfred Noyes called The Highwayman.

Children used a program called Clicker 7 to write a character description. They were challenged to use ambitious vocabulary as well as relative pronouns, modal verbs and words from the Year 5/6 Spelling list. Next week, the children will write a newspaper article describing the events of the story.


Spellings: Continue to learn words from the Year 5/6 Spelling List that can be found in children’s planners.

Maths: Area of Triangles and Parallelograms. Red: 70, 71. White: 60, 61

English: Apostrophes and Inverted Commas: Purple: 42, 43, 49, 50. Due in Friday 16th March, 2018.


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