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Persuasive writing and victory for 6S!

20/11/2020 at 16:38

This week in 6S we have been writing persuasive leaflets about the requisition of horses during WW1. It was an interesting challenge, because we know that many horses lost their lives during the war and had to live and work in awful conditions. For our writing, we had to focus on the positives and exaggerate some facts in order to persuade people, while being careful not to just lie. The children thought really carefully about different persuasive techniques and I was really impressed with their writing. Here are some examples of our work:


In maths, we have started our work on fractions. The children have done well with finding equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions, although some children are finding that their times table knowledge, in particular their ability to quickly find common factors, has been slowing them down. Do keep practising those multiplication facts and the related division facts. When converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, the children were very confident and they zoomed through their maths work today!

Here is a video on simplifying fractions if anyone would like any more help:

Anti-bullying week

This week was anti-bullying week. The children had some great discussions about this topic and thought really carefully in particular about the roles of ‘reinforcers’ and ‘outsiders’. Most children said they would want to be a ‘defender’ and we talked about how we could do this while still keeping ourselves safe. The children made posters and wrote on a puzzle piece how they would play their part in being ‘United Against Bullying’.

This video is a slightly different version of one we watched in class: you might like to watch it with your child and talk about any feelings that they have. For children in Year 6, cyber bullying and the pressure to be involved with online activity is a particularly relevant issue, and one that we discussed at school.

Success for 6S!

There was much excitement in 6S this afternoon as we finally managed a score of 100% for our Extreme Learning, making us the KS2 winners for the week – well done everyone for working together and doing your part!

Special mentions today went to Erin and Alice – thank you both for all your hard work and positivity throughout the term.


  • Maths – BIDMAS (order of operations). Remember to work out anything in brackets first, then any squared or cubed numbers, then you multiply or divide, and finally you add or subtract.
  • Spelling – homophones – words that are still being commonly misspelled in our writing!

Your child has also brought home a tube of Smarties: the Smarties can be eaten, and then the container filled with as many 20p pieces as you can spare to raise money for the PSA.

Thank you everyone and have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Sykes

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War Horse and WW1

06/11/2020 at 16:32

We’ve got off to a great start with our new topic and class text this week; the children have clearly done some excellent research over the holidays and brought a lot of knowledge to our first lessons.

In history, we started by thinking about the causes of the First World War, working in groups to make timelines for the countries of the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance. This involved teamwork, careful measuring and some maths to work out how long the timelines needed to be! The children were surprised by how long the timelines ended up, and the fact that there was no one single cause, rather a combination of factors. Everyone worked really hard to get their head around some quite tricky concepts. Well done.

In English, we are enjoying reading our new book: War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. The children have been applying their reading skills of predicting, summarising and clarifying, and have also been writing in role as Zoey the horse and Albert’s father, who is not a very popular character with the class!

War Horse: Amazon.co.uk: Morpurgo, Michael: Books

Probably the first thing the children noticed when they came into the classroom after the holiday, was the mould that had grown on the bread we had placed around the room before half term. We spent a very exciting (and slightly horrifying) lesson having a look at our results and trying to draw some conclusions about what we found out. Generally, we found that moist bread in both dark and light conditions seemed to grow the most mould. Adding jam or butter seemed to slow down the process of mould growing. We also noticed that there were several different colours of mould! The children had good ideas about what they might try next having carried out the investigation. The bread is now safely in the bin!


Well done to the children who completed their Bikeability training this week. The instructors were really pleased with your effort and behaviour. Most children from 6S have their sessions next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Remember to wrap up warm, bring gloves and a coat and wear suitable shoes. Also don’t forget your bike and helmet unless you requested to borrow one on your reply slip.


For homework this week children have a maths task (multiples) and a spelling sheet (homophones).

A quick reminder that children should be recording their Extreme Learning in their planner and having this signed by an adult five times a week. Please encourage your child to take responsibility for this if they are not doing so already.

Special mentions today went to Lillie and Stan – congratulations to both of them. Well done also to Joven who got a Mathletics Gold.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

Mrs Sykes

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