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Visit from a scientist

Monday 20th November | Comments are off for this post

Today we had a science lesson from a real scientist! Mrs Hoyle’s friend, James, came into school today to tell us about how he has used the Scientific Process (we did a lesson about this in September) in his own research. James has developed a product to help people with problematic knees. The children were amazed that his ‘experiment’ took four years to complete! He now has a PhD.

He brought in several replacement joints that they test at the university where he works. The children spent a while looking, handling and discussing what body part they might be from, with some brilliant (and hilarious at times!) suggestions. They also learnt that a standard knee replacement costs about £30,000!

James is a chemist so we then finished with some fun with science putty, vinegar and bicarbonate of sodas and cleaning coins with vinegar and salt! Can you spot the before and after coins?

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