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Tiny science!

Wednesday 8th November | Comments are off for this post

In science this week we have been looking at micro-organisms – or rather, we HAVEN’T been looking at them as we have discovered that they are too small to be seen without a microscope! We focused non three main types – fungi, bacteria and viruses.

We found out the thousands of bacteria can fit on a full stop and viruses are so small that they can live inside a bacterium!

If we were the size of Europe, a fungus would be the size of a football pitch, a bacterium would be the size of a bus and a virus would be the size of a football!

We have more bacteria in our mouths than there are people in the world!

Using the Scientific Process, we set up an experiment to find out where we will find most micro-organisms in our classroom. We rubbed slices of bread in a variety of locations, sealed them and we will look at them over the next few weeks to see if our predictions are correct. Here are some micro-organisms that you may be familiar with! Bad breath, the common cold and penicillin.

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