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Sweet Classification Tree

Wednesday 20th September | 1 comment

This week we have started our first science topic called ‘Nature Library’ in which we will be learning about classification of living things. We started by grouping a set of pictures according to any criteria the children chose as long as they could explain. We then tried to gain an understanding of classification by classifying something we know well – confectionery!

6S worked together to create a method for classifying sweets. We started with a wide variety of sweets in the “Confectionery” category at the top of the tree. We then decided we could classify them as “Chocolate” or “Not Chocolate.”

The “Chocolate” sweet type was further classified by if it had anything as well as chocolate. The children were able to classify even further by thinking about flavours, textures and centres. Eventually, we got down to the species or specific product name.

We went through a similar process with the confectionary or “Not Chocolate” sweets.

Each child was able to choose a sweet and trace it down through the classification tree to ensure it had been classified correctly.

One response to “Sweet Classification Tree”

  1. Lucy Adamson says:

    wow! what a lesson! it sounds fantastic (and tasty!) .

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