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Scintillating Science

Wednesday 15th November | 3 comments

We had fun in science this week! First of all, we closely scrutinised the bread experiment that we set up last week. Some things are beginning to happen but we should see some bigger, more obvious changes next week.

We then found out about useful and harmful microbes. It was important to know that most microbes are helpful or beneficial, although some of them do cause illness and disease. One of the main ways in which microbes are beneficial is in the food industry. Cheese, bread, yogurt, chocolate, vinegar and alcohol are all produced through the growth of microbes.

We identified some microbes as fungi, bacteria or viruses from their descriptions and then each child designed their own microbe, deciding whether it was good or bad, naming it and drawing it. We then completed the ‘Bad Bug Challenge’ crossword!

3 responses to “Scintillating Science”

  1. Marion says:

    Oh! Better not keep your lunch on your desk Mr Sharp! And certainly don’t accidentally mix up your lunch with your bread experiment!

  2. Nicola says:

    I think the teacher needs to clean his desk!

  3. Lucy Adamson says:

    So the teacher’s table is the dirtiest thing in the classroom? Oh dear Mr Sharp!

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