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Light in our lives

Tuesday 16th April | Comments are off for this post

This week we began a new science topic – Light.

We started by going around the room trying to answer questions about light on large pieces of paper, drawing on the knowledge we already have from previous work. We then discussed our answers and watched two video about light. Then we got together to answer some of these questions in a much detail as possible, which we then shared with others.

  1. How do we see things?
  2. What is darkness?
  3. Why is it easier to find a silver coin than a black button in a dark room?
  4. Is it safe to look at the sun?
  5. What is a shadow?
  6. What do I need to make a good shadow?
  7. What do the words ‘transparent’, ‘translucent’ and ‘opaque’ mean?

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