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Experimenting with light

Wednesday 9th May | Comments are off for this post

Today we started a series of experiments which explore light and its properties. We completed three of them today and will finish the others over the next few weeks. The experiments are:

  1. Exploring shadows – find out how the position of an abject can change the size and shape of a shadow.
  2. Light travels in straight lines – an experiment to prove this.
  3. Making light bend – using water, can you make light bend?
  4. Bouncing light – exploring surfaces that make light bounce best.
  5. Making coloured lights – and how colour filters work.
  6. Mixing coloured lights – what happens when you mix different coloured lights?
  7. Make a rainbow – an experiment to split white light so you can see the different colours, as in a rainbow.
  8. Reading – can you find out three things that you didn’t know before? (The most popular so far is that dogs can’t see in colour!)



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