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Bird Watch

Wednesday 13th September | Comments are off for this post

Our Changing World is an ongoing science topic which looks at how things in our world change over the course of the year. Year 6 are looking at the Key Question: How does the number, type and behavior of the birds found around our school change during the year?

We looked at the RSPB Big Bird Watch top 15 birds, studied what they look like and thought about ones we have seen and not seen. We watched ‘An idiot’s guide to bird watching’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5f_4_xN_zGs

to give us some tips on how best to spot birds then we went out into the school grounds with our clip boards and tally sheets.

Some of the children were amazingly good at it and spotted birds such as  magpies, sparrows, blackbirds, a jackdaw and some coloured birds which may have been chaffinches!

We will be sending our findings to the Big Bird Watch.

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