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School House Rock times tables


By the time you arrive in Y6 everyone should know their multiplication tables. Having multiplication facts at your finger tips opens lots of doors to you. If you know that 7×6=42, you can figure out the answer to 70 x 60, 0.7 x 6, 7 x 0.06 etc…

Your aims should be:

Know your multiplication facts in order

Know your multiplication facts out of order

Know the division facts that are the inverse of your multiplication facts e.g. 4 x 7 = 28, 28 / 7 = 4

So, what happens if you arrive in Y6 and you are not as confident as you would like to be? Don’t panic! With a little bit of hard work, dedication and effort you can learn your multiplication tables and have dozens of facts at your finger tips.

To get you going, watch these brilliant videos from School House Rock (these videos come all the way from the United States of America). They are seriously cool and will give you all the inspiration you need to polish up your tables knowledge. My favourite is multilpying by 7 (Lucky 7 Sampson-  take 7 x 7 then take 49 steps up to seventh heaven… I sure do thank you for the Huckleberry pie!)   Which is your favourite?

NB Another way of saying multilpy is product. eg. the product of 4 and 7 is 28

2x table (elementary my dear)

3 x table

4 x table

5 x table

6 x table

7 x table

8 x table

9 x table

10 x table (my hero zero – don’t miss this one)

11 x table (Good 11, never gave me any trouble ’til after nine)

12 x table (my cousin called dozen)

You could comment on a video by typing in your chosen multiplication table as fast as you can. Why not time yourself and state how long it took you at the bottom of your comment? Alternatively, pin your colours to the mast and let everybody know which is your favourite multiplication character.



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