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Year 6 SRE – Day 2

Wednesday 5th July | Comments are off for this post

Today we continued our SRE (sex and relationship education) lessons in Year 6.

We split into gender groups – the girls with Mrs Heap & Mrs Carney and the boys with Mr Cooke & Mr Tiffany.

The girls began with a short review of menstruation and spent some time talking about sanitary pads and tampons. We were pleased that many of the girls have already spoken to someone at home about getting prepared for the start of their period. We have encouraged those who haven’t yet asked for a small supply of sanitary pads to do so in the next few weeks.

Both groups watched the “Boy Talk” video to find out more about the changes boys go through during puberty.

The second half of the afternoon was all about how babies are made and how babies are born. We watched a video about sexual intercourse and pregnancy.  The children asked many sensible questions and we had a very educational discussion.

Once again, we were impressed by the maturity of all the children. On Friday, we will continue our SRE lessons with our session about the portrayal of men, women and sex in the media. Please send in any magazine adverts you have that portray men and women in different ways (fashion, perfume, makeup, sports equipment etc).

Thank you.

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