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More from Day 2

Thursday 8th June | 17 comments

A much sunnier and less rainy afternoon (until 4.30 anyway) and the via ferrata from this morning was massively outdone by a phenomenal group! Almost all of the group got to a second part of the course that was much higher!  Led by some awesome girls – Eesha, Emily, Phoebe, Hana and Hannah – they traversed the gorge at great altitude with bravery and confidence. It was a real ‘Wow’ scene.


Mr Harris’ luck ran out and his trip to the reservoir was quite literally blown off course. Shortly after setting off  onto the reservoir, a weather front blew in aggressively and all we could do was paddle/’sail’ 500m across and we had to abandon the canoes and return. We did get to go through a cave on our return to base, then we watched the awesome via ferrata group with a mixture of admiration, envy or horror depending on how you had felt about the morning session.


Mrs Carney’s group went caving. We haven’t got any photos as it was very dark! Also, one child decided they couldn’t do it so Mrs Carney stayed with them above ground.


An evening walk:

The children of 6T explored the local area during the evening and saw a range of interesting sights… even the off patch of sunshine! It really is a beautiful area that’s worth a look!


Some comments from the children:

Cole – I really enjoyed caving because I had to slip through tight spaces and jump down small holes.


Ayaan – I really enjoyed the via ferrata because I could just lean and put my full body on the wire without falling off.


Daisy –  I found the Canoeing very enjoyable because I was quite good at it and could go fast. But my favourite activity was Gorge Walking because I kept falling on my back and floating all around.


Navroop – I really liked Tom Taylor’s cave because there was a miniature slide.

17 responses to “More from Day 2”

  1. Phoebe says:

    I really enjoyed the Via Ferrata especially the second part. My favourite part was when you had to pull yourself across using a rope.

  2. Keanush says:

    I’m really pleased that I went on residential, thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Hana says:

    My favourite was via faratta .

  4. Zahra says:

    My favourite activity was the via ferrata because it was quite challenging.

  5. Sukey says:

    I really enjoyed the via ferrata, even though I didn’t do the extra bit it was still fun and was my favourite activity that we did.

  6. Hannah says:

    I really enjoyed Via Ferrata because it was challenging.

  7. Emily says:

    I really enjoyed via ferrata. It was one of my favourite activities, my other favourite was the abseiling and gorge scrambling.

  8. Eesha says:

    The Via Ferrata was my favourite part of residential. We were the only group that finished the entire course!

  9. Pauline Robson (gran) says:

    well done to Phoebe and everyone looks scary but so much fun

  10. Ali says:

    I was really scared of abseiling down gorge but in the end I was really brave even my class were really proud and myself.

  11. Ravinder Saggu says:

    Well done to all the children !! You are all very brave and always ready to face new challenges . Eesha looks very happy and enjoying herself so I am not worried any more . Enjoy the rest of the time .

  12. Ayaan's mum says:

    Wow! Such resilience from the pupils…

    Outdoor education at its very best at Farsley Farfield!

  13. Phoebe's mum says:

    Wow! Phoebe clearly doesn’t have her Dad’s fear of heights! Well done everyone, you’re all stars!

  14. Khadijah's mum says:

    Wow it all looks amazing and nerve- racking too! Gosh, well done 6T !!

    • peterharris says:

      Khadijah did well with the via ferrata this morning but we didn’t get to that high bit.

    • Khadijah's mum says:

      Thanks. I am so proud of Khadijah and all of 6T! It’s really impressive what they have achieved. They are such lucky children.

  15. Mrs Hawkhead says:

    After hearing the tales from children in 6CH about how scary the via ferrata can be I am very impressed. What lucky children we have at Farsley Farfield to have such amazing opportunities!

    We have really enjoyed seeing all the photos and videos.

    Well done to all!

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